Movie(s) Review-Eyes of the Woods and Unsolved

Both films are currently available thru MVD Releasing.


Review-Eyes of the Woods is the latest direct to dvd film about a group of teens that find themselves lost and pretty soon they are being hunted in the woods by a creature. This film is very low budget and I mean very low, which means this film is going to have to depend on the actors to really shine, which sadly to say they do not. The acting in this film is awful, and that is a shame because the film has a ton of potential, heart and ideas that needed help. The first problem I feel is that this film had three directors that really needed to be on the same page. This film is lost and the actors looked to be struggling with trying to make this film happen or material work. This film takes place in two different time periods and despite the low budget it does possess some cool effects. The film does get a backstory into why this demon/monster/creature is in the woods hunting the people. The film opens in Puritan times with a father who decides to make a deal with a devil to deal with the loss of his daughter. The devil instead turns the man into a creature who craves human beings confined to stay in the woods. I felt this was the strong part of the film; it really gave you something different that could really do well in a film. Then comes the issues, we jump to modern day and a group of people going on a break. This film for the first ten or so minutes is impressive, great storytelling and decent gore that will have you hoping the film will continue in this path of destruction, but needless to say after that point this film is just utterly hard to sit thru. I am guessing that they are trying to act like Puritans with those bad accents, along with the sets and lighting this film is just horrible. You can tell when each of the three directors took turns, because the film does have these shifts that you just feel there was a battle for control and each of them had to make a stake at it. Eyes of the Woods at the end of the day is just another cheap DIY film that will sit right beside all the others in that video store with that cover that will try to entice you to spend the dough. This film had potential and failed to even try to reach it. A film with three different directors you would expect that one of them would try to make a film, instead of this mess that lacks direction, and seems like a bad idea on a drunken night.

3 out of 10


Review-The film opens with a murder that rocked a college and a city. Then we fast forward 15 years later and we enter a college course that is for solving unsolved crimes. Amanda and her boyfriend Nick decide to try and re-open this case and see if they can solve it. As with these films you know everyone involved with Amanda from her family to the school do not want her prying or digging around in this matter, that she should let this stay unsolved. This is another one of those films that you scratch your head and wonder what is up and down to this film. The opening murder was odd, so the popular girl makes out with a guy in the hallway and his friend seems to want to get involved, so she runs away and runs into her boyfriend outside who does not know about the other two guys and then she goes home and gets her throat cut. Sounds pretty cut and dry, if you are going to base a film on a murder, why not give us more and make us feel involved. When Amanda talks it sounds like an acting class gone wrong, this girl looks a very rough 30 plus and she is trying to act like a teenager. This film seems to have no rhyme or reason that it just tries to create a flow off some carefree attitude that just comes across as boring. There are no horror elements to this or suspense, this felt like an adult Nick at Nite film. This film has so much lack of direction that I am not even sure if the director knew what they were doing and just thought to rush thru this film and just hope for the best. This film started as a slasher film with the first death, but that was all we got, we went into this slow burn family movie with adult language. The ending I will say right now is awful, horrible and is not even worth talking about. I understand a film that is confusing and utterly unbelievable but I do not understand when a director does not have a clue how to finish a film and at least give a satisfying conclusion to this garbage. I am surprised that the director did not just come on screen and scream “later bitches and flip off the fans”. This just feels like an incomplete project for a student in film school. And what is up with the soundtrack, it did not fit the film. You have a film that has the dumb white students and the token black students that say all this idiotic crap to try and act like they are hip and then throw into a soundtrack that felt like we were watching Krush Groove. I felt like throwing this film out the window and chasing the mosquito truck to get high on the smoke.

2.5 out of 10