Movie Review-Zombie Hunter


Coming out in October from Well Go USA

Review-Zombie Hunter looking at the cover you will expect a Danny Trejo action fest. That is not what you are going to get with this film. This film is about another coming of another apocalypse, and a new drug that turns people into the mindless undead. The central character in the film resembles David Caruso and Paul Walker’s love child and his name is Hunter. In the beginning of the film he has that Mad Max think going with the Zombieland voiceovers. While Hunter is on the roads killing zombies, he gets shot and loses control of his vehicle. Well, he is shot by one of a group of survivors. How this group of people is survivors are beyond me, well the group is led by Father Jesus who is played by Trejo. This film I will say right now steals so many ideas off so many films that there is truly nothing original about this film. As you can guess, there will be that beautiful woman survivor who has waited for someone like Hunter to come around and give up her innocence to him without knowing anything about him. This film runs around 90 something minutes and you may get at least 25 to 30 minutes of Trejo, and maybe 20 or so minutes of zombie fun. This film tries so hard to coast on its characters and story and neither one are appealing. There is a flashback scene in which we see father Jesus being a bad ass, and killing off zombies in a Kill Bill orgy of cgi blood and darkened out fight scenes. This film has parts about this that I did enjoy, but the whole of this film is bad. I felt that the film was smart in featuring Trejo in the sales art, because there is no other selling point to yet another DTV low budget zombie film that underwhelms. The script in this film is basic zombie film 101, and I felt that a little creativity and spark could have made the characters work a little more. You have so many things going against you in the eyes of the viewer, why not think outside the box at least on the things you can control which is the writing. When you do get some zombie goodness, it just feels like it is rushed and tries too hard to imitate than entertain. God, has Danny Trejo piled up a stack of bad films I am now waiting for the one good one. It just seems he puts his name on anything and at the end of the day has made a career out of low budget junk just like this mess. This film was more of a student film gone wrong than a serious motion picture. Again, this film has a little to brag about and a ton to roll your eyes at and regret putting a dime into getting this film. This film if it is streaming on Netflix and you are curious, it is well worth free. Hell, I am thinking that was the budget they worked with.

3 out of 10