Movie Review-V/H/S/ 2


Review-Last year’s V/H/S was a film that a lot of people either really dug like me or a lot of people were not so friendly about it. From complaints that the stories were nothing to brag about to the people who were not fans of yet another found footage film. As much as I liked V/H/S I was worried when I heard they filmed a sequel. But, all my worries faded within seconds of this film starting. I feel that the people behind the concept read all the press and seen what people liked and disliked, and actually this time around instead of doing a quickie sequel or some direct to bargain bin film, they really improved on the concept and made a hell of a horror film. This time around there is four vhs stories to tell along with a sub plot of a couple of investigators who are hired by someone to find a missing son. Well, they break into the home and like the first film they discover a stack of vhs tapes. The female investigator is left in the room of the tapes alone, while the male goes searching around the house for someone. The female learns that she has to watch some of the tapes to find out where the missing kid may be.

The first story is called Phase 1-Clinical Trials and this is around close to a half hour, it tells the story of a man who receives an eye implant after a bad accident, with a hitch. The eye has a camera attached to it. The camera it seems can see ghosts and spirits, and the man is being pursued by them. I will say right now, this is a very creepy and well done segment. It just has so many little creepy moments and jump scares that you are really going to enjoy this. The next story which is around twenty minutes and is called A Ride in the Park, it involves a young man who forsaken his girlfriend for his bike and takes a ride in the woods on this trail. He stumbles upon a woman who is yelling at him to help her husband, which is really a trap because they are both zombies. This was a step above the regular zombie fare and the POV camera that he has on his bike helmet really added a very cool effect to the short. This was very bloody and really something to brag about.

The next story is around 15 minutes and it is called Safe Haven which is a take on a documentary in which a crew of young adults tries to gain access to a place called Paradise Gates in Indonesia. They get a break or not when the leader of this place grants them an interview. This one is just flat out a gore lover’s dream, from the mood and feel of the short to just the all-out brutality, this is going to really keep you glued to your seats. The fourth and final story is called Slumber Party Alien Abduction and it revolves around a group of oversexed teens who throw a party, and each teen tries to out-prank the other teen. Then in the middle of it all, they are invaded by aliens. I was told on the one sheet that this whole short was filmed by Jason Eisener’s dog, which was impressive enough but this short was really creepy and may spark some talk on who should helm the remake of Black Lagoon. As much as I bitch about the found footage genre and sequels, this is the rare case of the sequel outshining the original by far. This time out, you get more gore, more gross and more horror. If the first film was just putting the tip in, this time it is a full on grudge fucking. I will say if you liked the first one you will love this one, if you are on the fence on the first one, you will really love this one. This is a film that exceeded all my expectations; this is a film that is going to make a lot of top ten lists in 2013. This is definitely a must watch.

10 out of 10