Movie Review-The Last Tycoon


Review-The Last Tycoon has a huge who’s who behind the making of this film, which almost guarantees this film to be either very good or one that you may want to forget. The Last Tycoon was really an interesting film that can be summed up simply as a gangster film that takes place around the first part of the 20th Century in Shanghai. The main character played by a very well casted Chow Yun Fat is named Cheng Daiqi. He plays the character later in his life, when he was confident, smooth and very much a dick. His fate is changed when he meets a criminal underground boss named Hong Shou Ting. Who becomes a fan of the way Cheng takes care of things. Hong makes Cheng his apprentice which we know will lead to being his equal eventually and taking over shortly after that. As the film goes on, the Japanese again invade Shanghai, which according to Well Go USA happens at least once every four films. The Japanese are trying to control their place and the Chinese selling out to their country to advance their standing with the Japanese. I liked The Last Tycoon but it does feel a little like the same old stuff we get from this studio. Which for some is not such a bad thing, for others like me, it does start to get tiresome. We get the same story over and over, with just different characters and actors. I understand to the overseas market films like this come out daily, because this is what the viewers over there crave. They want to re-live their history as much as humanly possible in a fictional way, hoping that it may change the way things are right now. I like Chow, but I feel after he tried to sell out to the American market, his work seems not as risky or cutting edge as it was before he made The Replacement Killers. In this film he seems in his element and he makes the material work and the story feel alive. The cinematography looks impressive with the visuals like pre-invasion Japan. As a melodrama this film is good, I will go one better, I would watch this again. I think the ending credits will leave the viewer with a lasting impression, but god how many films do we really need that covers this era and situation? Though, this film does do a great job at capturing the period very well, and I feel that the film has so much positive that the redundant issue sort of goes away when you get into this story. I just hope we are getting away from this now, that we have seen what the top of the mountain looks like with this film.

8 out of 10