Movie Review-The King of the Streets


Review-The King of the Streets is a film that tries to have it all going for it. This film is basically a street-fighting movie, where the main character is some kind of legend known as “The Street Fighter”. The character basically starts off as a young man whose goal in life was to be the toughest guy on the street. As you can guess when you have a goal like that, you are going to get in trouble and at a young age he went to jail for murder. Now, he is out and a free man, and while he is going up and down China looking for a job he helps a young lady who is being robbed and maybe assaulted by three guys. We learn as the film goes on and he does get a job, that he encounters the woman again because she helps her friend take care of abandoned kids. Well, the local thugs want the land the daycare is on, and they are not budging. When the negotiations get violent, the street fighter defends the land, kids and his love.The fight scenes in this film are really well shot and they go at such a hyper pace that you have to go in slow motion to see everything going on at certain times. Yue Song who stars in this film is a real life martial artist and I guess this is his “Kickboxer “film. Most of the film the fights are many against one, and the scenes are really great to look at. The plot is basic action star wanting to be a superstar deal, where he is a superhero like character and he never breaks a sweat. I really like this film, I wanted to love it. I mean this is the stuff as a fan of action that I am always craving to see. The problem with this film is that it starts around the hour mark to feel repetitive and generic. You know how the film will play out, how the major fight at the end will be. I mean, a guy beats the crap out of 25 guys with weapons and not one of them know Muay Thai to fight back and put up a challenge. The film tries so hard to draw emotion and it just comes across as silly. I felt the film should have gave us some curve balls, or maybe a twist. This film also tries so hard to convey humor. The film tried to be everything to everyone; you get the romantic sub-plot that just felt rushed and eye rolling. You get the action sequences that while very good were not that realistic, and did not even try to be at least. Then, you get these little comedy moments that I guess we are supposed to laugh at things the characters laugh at. This was well worth a rental; on the positive at least it was not as bad as Gymkata.

7.5 out of 10