Movie Review-The Haunting of Helena


September 17th if you dare

Review-The Haunting of Helena is more of the same in those haunted story films. The film revolves around Sophia and her daughter Helena who just moved to America from southern Italy. During the movie we learn about the furniture and the other things in this house being some kind or possessed. Where do we actually start with a positive to watching this film? I guess there were a few scenes that I felt were jump worthy for a person not really into horror or someone new coming into it. To me, possession and ghost films fall into two categories, ones that were influenced by Poltergeist and others that were influenced by Paranormal Activity. This film sort of falls in-between both it has the feel of a poltergeist film and the pacing of a paranormal film. This is a film that if a scene starts off, you can almost guess how it will play out and you will hate yourself from being so accurate. This film needed so much more imagination and maybe some risk taking. I hate films that feel like they are trying to fill a void more than entertaining and trying to stand on their own. Helena has no charisma, or connection to the viewer. She is bland and just comes across as someone who may be related to the director who they are trying to make a star. The music in this film was a sort of hit, some of it just felt lifted off any other film just like this one. This film was as captivating and scary as Spy Kids 4. This film was weak from start to finish and just dull beyond belief. I wanted to get into this film, I wanted to like the main characters but the second they spew some dialogue I lost interest because it was coming across as being written by a depressed teenager more than a screenwriter. This film should have a warning at the start saying, “if you are looking for a film to entertain you, put this right back in the box and find another film”. In a market over saturated with ghost films you would expect a supernatural film to really be ballsy and try to beat the system instead of succumbing to it. It sucks sometimes to be a horror fan, you see that cover to a film that has all those quotes from people you would assume are formidable critics, and you get excited and within ten minutes you know the film is bad. This film may appeal to some, I mean today’s horror fan seems to like the long pacing of the slow burn just to get three minutes of horror. But, the old school fans who damn the day the Blair Witch came out and changed the industry may not be so happy with films like this still existing.

2 out of 10