Movie Review-The Devil Bat


Review-The Devil Bat restored on blu ray by the fine folks at Kino is such a shame. Not so much for the transfer or sound quality those are incredible; my issue is how bad this film is. This is the old adage of polishing a turd, and it is still is a nasty and bad turd. The film is about Doctor Carruthers who is pissed that he was betrayed by his employers when they became rich off his idea and product. The doctor decides to get his revenge on these fucks by enlarging bats by electricity and sending them on a mission to kill the employer’s family. Watching this film I learned that bats can have hatred taught and put into them by using a scent, like some kind of newly discovered perfume. The people the bats attack have this scent on them, and to think more about this plot would cause my head to explode. This film has Bela Lugosi as the doctor and I bet at that time if there was an internet and a facebook, he would have been on bitching about this film. This film has a running time that felt like 8 weeks and if you are scared of bats or have some kind of phobia, this is your cure. To watch those bats in this film is just ridiculous and I am utterly ashamed to admit I am a Bela fan. The Devil Bat just feels like it was a great idea on paper that the issues came when it got off the paper and went in front of the camera. I know around this time that Lugosi’s career started feeling like it bordered on self-parody, but this film is just not his best work. The negatives to this film are the ridiculous nature of the film, the horribly cheap special effects and just the horrible all the way around acting. The one thing about this film is that in parts this film is so utterly ridiculous that purveyors of bad film may find some cheese moments that they would be happy to have witnessed. Jean Yarbrough say what you want, but for his time he was Uwe Boll of his time. God, he has done so many cheese ball films that I am shocked that people did not put all his work on one blu ray and send it to MST3K. The Devil Bat is one of those films that you think they were stretching scenes to get all they can out of nothing. Like when we first see Bela and he goes on and on playing with his science set and all these switches that go nowhere, and the scene ends up feeling flat. All in all, this film is bad and I was letdown by the film as a whole.

3 out of 10