Movie Review-The Contractor


Review-Danny Trejo is that actor who it seems that every time you turn around, he has a new film out. Films like this while not the worst work of his career, you would think after Machette and Predators that he would become a little more selective. There is no denying that when Machette Kills comes out in the upcoming weeks that will be hopefully a big hit for him. The Contractor is a basic revenge tale that paints within the lines of what we are used to with these films and seems around the hour mark to really start dragging. The issues right out of the gate was that the film has no energy or flow, the direction of this film seems more imitation than inspiration. Sean Olson on his debut film really seems to be out of his element, like he had no raft and decide to swim in the deep end. The characters really had to depth to them; it seems that instead of creating tension they were more concerned about how to make it thru the scene. The film tries so hard to build tension but it just feels like a bad idea because the characters and script were so hard to get behind or invest a feeling into. I mean there are some nice positives here and there that kept me from shutting off the television. Trejo tries hard, and he seems to be more comfortable in this film than he has been in the last few films. The plot is basically Javier Reyes (Machette) loses his son in a prison killing. His son should not have been locked up but the prosecutor who’s a scumbag is named Paul Chase was only doing his job. You ever notice that when a prosecutor says they are doing their job it involves some dying? So Machette decides to payback that slime bag and poses as a building contractor. Little did I know that while Machette could not text, that this time around he can not only hack all electronics, but can build? Well, the wife sees Javier being a stalker and decides to ask her husband to fire him. When fired Javier puts Chase in his place and says something along the lines of this shit is real. As you can guess Javier plants stuff and then plots revenge more and more. Again, this film has a ton of issues from pacing to just how it drags and goes nowhere, but it does have enough to maybe keep a Trejo fan involved. All in all, I have seen a lot better stuff and lord knows I have seen a lot worst. The film tries, and I did make it thru without hitting the stop or pause button so that is a plus. I am not sure how many more will be able to say that, but I feel that the film may be fun for some people who are not avid film fans, and do not watch everything under the sun like me.

5 out of 10