Movie Review-The Colony


Coming to home video on October 15th

Review-Imagine if the premise of Alien was mixed with the premise of 30 Days of Night, if that sounds promising to you that is what you get with The Colony. We are welcomed to the world in 2045, where the planet is in a new ice age, and the survivors at first feel the true threat is germs. When people get anything from a common cold to a cough, they are deemed as infected and quarantined. When they still have them and it looks like it is getting worst, they are given the option to leave into the frozen unknown with nothing or they can be put out of their misery with a single gunshot. We learn in the begging that the survivors in this colony started at hundreds and is now done to few, with each day a new person is infected. The first part of the film establishes this colony as a bunch of people involved in a power struggle to think they are in charge. The sad thing is that it tried to be entertaining, but it just felt like it dragged trying to establish this story. Now, the second act of the film is when the story really started to not only take shape but really gel and connect. When Colony 7 decides to go to Colony 5 to see what is going on is when the film takes off. You have Briggs played by Laurence Fishburne who leads the Colony and decides to go with some volunteers to go find out what is happening. When they get to Colony 5 is when they find out that germs is not the only threat they have, as there is this other form of humanity that seems like they are cannibalistic in having to kill humans for meat to survive. As you can guess that the cannibals follow the survivors back to Colony 7. This film really was fun in the end, it took a long time to get going but when it did, it really delivered. I loved the power struggle between Laurence Fishburne and Bill Paxton, it really brought a new element to the film that there are more threats that will rear their heads as the film goes on. I loved the pure violence and gore to it, this film was not shy on killing. There is a scene that involves a showdown at a bridge that really was fun to watch go down and looked really incredible. How this film did not get a full run at the movie theaters is beyond me. This film is proof that survival films and apocalypse films do not really need zombies to be entertaining. I have one more gripe I hated the way it ended, and felt that it should have meant more. This film for the most part was highly fun and entertaining when the shit went down. I feel sci-fi fans and horror fans should seek this title out. What a surprise, I want to watch it again.

8 out of 10