Movie Review-The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond


Review-How many times have you watched a trailer that looked really cheesy and thought god this film will be bad? Now, think of this how many times have you watched a trailer and you thought that and the film was really fun and delivered a good time? I am here to tell you the latest Danielle Harris film is nothing short of a great time. This film is about a group of friends who gather in this house in the middle of nowhere well it is off the waters of Echo Pond. This film is about how the people we think we know, do we really know them. This group of friends who assembled to hang out discover this mysterious old board game which seems to be like a truth or dare that brings out the darkness in people. Within rolls of the dice we watch relationships get tested and people start questioning the person right beside them. Each turn seems to place the player at odds with the people around them. This is one of those games that you know from the start does not have a winner or loser; it just has victims and victimizers. As the film goes on, the game starts to reveal to the player’s reality that they want to see, or truth we are never really told one way or another. That was the true beauty of this film, it is a film that feeds off human emotion and the paranoia and uncertainty it seems that we all face. Around the 40 minute mark is when this film goes bat shit insane and the game starts to possess certain players into killing the others. While the demonic possession is shortly discussed in the opening credits, as the film plays out it becomes real that sometimes insanity and murder happens when we let our paranoia get the best of us. This film is going to divide audiences because you do not get much demon scenery in the film, and I felt it did not need it. Others may feel different, but this film in the first part really sets up the following 50 to end it. The storytelling while not the best was at least fluid and flowed without being boring. When the blood and gore get going, it does not let you down. You get some good little kills and you also get some really very good blood scenes. If this film had any negative, it had to be how long it took to get the characters established. I felt to go thru 40 minutes of talking and dialogue even though it was not bad, was a bit too much. This film does create believability where you have something invested in the characters and their back stories. I felt Robert Patrick was wasted as well, to have him in the film really made no sense. He seems to have a reoccurring role that goes nowhere fast. At the end of the day a horror film is about entertainment, and this film did somewhat entertain me more than I thought it could. Ignore the trailer and give this film a shot, you may be entertained.

7.5 out of 10