Movie Review-Space Junk 3D


This Tuesday

Review-Space Junk 3D explores the threat of Orbital Debris. Some of us may know how bad the threat is, and others may not but I will say right now that despite the flaws in this film, if you are clueless about what Space Junk is about, you should jump on this blu ray or dvd immediately. The threat is pretty serious as told in this 30 minute plus little film. This film has no other agenda other than raising awareness on a situation that is very serious. This film communicates its message thru the medium of technology; this film just looks and sounds beautiful. I feel while this film was shot to format an IMAX screen, it does not lose anything on a smaller screen. This film offers a lot to digest both real and animated visuals. Tom Wilkinson is the narrator and the main person of the film is former NASA scientist Don Kessler who is very well known for the studies on this debris. This film gives insight into how serious this problem is, and how serious it could really get and how we could possibly resolve the issue. While not really coming across too preachy, I did feel that at the running time, it may have tried to give us more in-depth and insight into this situation. This is like if we had a 30 minute special into the 100 year history of a movie studio. I felt that some of the conversation in this short was just that short. While that is the problem with most of these IMAX films that come to home video, I just wish they would try to give us a longer home video version. I know most IMAX theaters cannot hold a film longer than a certain amount of time, I just wish that like the Nascar one they could at least make it an hour. I feel without a 3D television that some of the aspects of this film may not get their full potentials. While at times the film does feel like it is talking above our heads, at others it seems like it talking to us say 50 years from now instead of at modern time. This film at times seems to get off track in its focus. It tells us backstories about other galaxies and the Milky Way that really have no rhyme or reason. Those issues aside, this was not a bad little film and does a good job at telling us what the problem is and helps us visualize something that we may never have seen before or after this film. The film leaves you wanting and craving to know more. And for a film of any importance that is what you like to hear.

7 out of 10