Movie Review-Scenic Route


Review-Scenic Route is the story about two old friends who are stranded on a deserted road in the middle of Death Valley. The film opens with the two on a road trip talking, and then all of a sudden the truck breaks down. When a car passes by the stranded truck, we find out that Carter made the truck stall on purpose to spend the time with his friend and talk about life. Well, when Carter fixes the issue and tries to start up the truck, this time it actually does die. This film is a two man act for the most part, and the strength of this film is the performances because both Josh Duhamel and Dan Fogler really shine. The script was very well written, because as the film plays out and the desperation grows the guys do turn on each other. We also are left to wonder many times just how close were they, to let things get this out of hand. The film really digs deep into the psyche of men, where you have Mitchell who on the surface seems to have the perfect life, but when he shares his true life, you see a man who may be a success in one aspect in life, and trapped like a mouse thru the rest of life. It is Fogler’s Carter who really brings out this inner rebel in Mitchell, and one part he talks him into shaving his head and getting a Mohawk. He lives his life carefree and on the surface may look like a total failure but to listen to him talk about it, you would think he is the happiest person for just being himself. This film also deals the same clichés that films like this seem to have to bring to play so people will get into yelling at the screen. Like for example, when the guys are asleep in one scene and a passer-by automobile does not see them, and looks for a minute around. Or when they take off away from the truck and the further they get, they noticed that the truck gets towed. To the film’s negative, I feel it does have a longer than needed running time. That some instances and scenes do feel like they are being stretched out to fill time. I felt the flashbacks were un-necessary; it sort of cheapened the story being told. I felt this film should have delved more into their friendship and what was the basis for the trip they are on. This film just opens with two people that they want us to instantly get into and not explain what the purpose of this outing is or where they are going. And, also if they are out for days, why was there no search party looking for them? I mean, Josh had to tell his wife and kid where he was heading. This film is not bad, and it is quite entertaining. I just feel it needed some help and maybe focused more on the real back-story on the two characters and not just the history of one with his marriage. I would say this film is worth a rental just for the simple desperate feel of this film, you will feel their peril. Another thing I want to address is the ending, it tried to be clever and I feel that it did not have the impact it was planned to have. They hinted too hard that it was going that direction. I wish they would have made it feel more hidden, and that way it would have really affected me more.

7.5 out of 10