Movie Review-Resolution


Resolution will be available on dvd and blu ray on October 8th

Review-Resolution is a film that I have heard a lot of positive about, and knew I had to see it first. The era of true horror films and critics feels like it is dying. Today’s fan seems to be more open to being forced fed mediocrity and being told it tastes good. There is a film that came out a long time back called Cookers that was inventive and really took the viewer into uncharted territory and delivered something to brag about. Resolution is a major letdown, not so much about the film which it is what it is, but the fans and reviews that lie and say this film is good or taking horror into new ground or a fresh breath of whatever. I am reading the art work and to say this film puts Cabin in the Wood to shame is a joke. No matter what you think about the other film Cabin in the Woods, to think this is the better is a complete fucking joke. This film is about Mike who seems to have it all going for him, but wants to save his friend Chris who is addicted to drugs. Mike goes to Chris’s run down shack in the middle of nowhere and handcuffs him to the bed to help him clean up. Why not just let him get high and when he passes out, put him in a car and seek help for him? I hate films that give us the goody character who thinks they can save the meek. Well, as he is chained up and Mike is watching him strange things start to happen, in a very slow and dull pace. This film should be a lifetime movie instead of a horror entry. What is so horror about this film? The way the story plays out, it feels more like a Betty Ford endorsement more than any kind of horror. No offense if I read this script and felt like I am going to give this to horror fans and say this will scare you, I would become a drug addict as well. Stick with indie websites and blogs fans; do not listen to the majors. There is no way they saw this whole film and came up with any conclusion that this film is watchable or horror. Unless, they got some payola to do it, this film is as scary as Intervention was. Even the episode with the Days of the New singer Travis Meeks had more horror than this film. God, did that band rule back in the day right?

3 out of 10–this was mercy and sympathy more than any kind of talent..