Movie Review-POST MORTEM, AMERICA 2021


Review-Post Mortem, America 2021 has so many back-stories to get us to where we are today. January 2012, we were told that Post Mortem, America would be presented to us in chapters. Then in mid-2012 word came out that the hard drive was stolen. All those stories aside, the final product is here and the film is so well worth the wait. Where to start? I guess the plot would be a good idea, welcome to the year 2021 and in this future we will be living in a black and white shot world with the Apocalypse coming near. While you are going to think this is just another indie zombie film, you are going to be sadly mistaken. The zombie aspect of the film does not rear its head till around the 40 minute mark, but we instead get the story of Lucille who is played by a woman who should have a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame so badly for her work- Linnea Quigley. Lucille’s story unfolds in front of us; it seems she is hunting down those who wronged her 5 years ago. We learn that the man who murdered her is a very mob-like crime boss, who we feel is waiting for that showdown with her again. While the plot I am telling you seems pretty easy, this film is anything but. This is a film that one scene to another you are not sure what is happening or bound to happen, which leads to the insane fun that this film turns out to be.

Let me just start off by saying April Burril or as most of us know her, Chainsaw Sally plays Bee who seems to like being in a bikini and doing dialogue like Natasha from Rocky and Bullwinkle, and then there is Jessica Cameron. If anyone doubts why this woman should be a name in Hollywood, watch what she does in this film. She gives all the men a reason to close their eyes and just go into that dream, the woman is in a school-girl outfit and she talks the way to her victim that most guys would want her to talk to them in that outfit. Then, there is another woman who a few years ago after Ratline, I called the future of the indie scene and that is the drop dead beauty we know as Sarah Swofford, and I mean we can go on and about the women in this film who really deliver, Melanie Robel really shines and rules, Michelle Shields is so talented, Monique Dupree is a star and so many more, and it is all led by Linnea Quigley. You almost feel that this is Linnea passing the torch to the younger class and women who hammer it out film to film and deserve a break.

The acting in this film was fun campy and will keep the viewer interested, the characters in the film are interesting to insane. My small gripe with this film is that I feel the running time is a little too long, and a few scenes do drag, but that is such a small negative because when this film starts to play, you really do not think about the negatives because this film is the equivalent of being at being at some mental fair, where you just get on board and enjoy the ride. This is the female indie Expendables, with that cast how can this film not deliver? Post Mortem, America 2021 is quite possibly the most fun you will have watching an indie film this year. What a good time, and all involved despite the huge negative they faced should really be proud. April sounding like Natasha, and Jessica Cameron screaming in a school girl outfit. This is a cult classic that fans of indie films and these women in horror should rush the fuck out and buy immediately.

9 out of 10