Movie Review-Night of the Krampus


Review-A few years ago I reviewed a film called The Night Shift by one of my ex-neighbors Thomas Smith. The film had some great responses and I know I liked the film when I saw it. Now, here we are two years later and we have Night of the Krampus which is a 27 minute short that if you dug The Night Shift, you will really have fun with this. Now, keep in mind if you have not seen The Night Shift, you should check this out and if you like this, you know to seek out the other. The Krampus is a demon who punishes bad kids almost like the Hyde side of Santa. If you witnessed Night Shift, back in this short are Rue, Herbie and Claire who are on the case of a missing child. The film opens with two kids one named Lisa who is a nice kid and the mischievous one named Bobby. When the kids are anxiously waiting on Christmas Eve Santa coming down the chimney and they discover it is the Krampus, is when the film really gets going. Bobby is taken because he was bad, and now it is up to our graveyard crew to find him. Thomas has this style that feels old school like in the early days of horror mixed with comedy that can suit families. There are a few negatives, but a film this small with a crew that really are growing and getting comfortable with each other film to film, some things are to be expected. The thing is that while there are errors and faults, this film covers them up with a weird sense of humor that you feel you almost have to laugh, and a style that feels you have to stick with the film just to see how it can possibly pan out. Alabama in the last few years has really been becoming a new bed for horror directors, and I feel Thomas Smith is on his way to being the anti of what the others are. He is creating horror films almost in the vein of Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein instead of trying to be serious like the others. I mean I have to root this film on and tell people to see it, because this film in a festival setting with a full crowd could be a fun time. Christmas will never be the same again, thank god.

7.5 out of 10