Movie Review-Inbred


Review-I remember about 10 years or so ago, I saw a film called Calvaire. That film had such oddness to it so much so that the film was not bad or good to me; it was just something that I had to watch. If you take that film and mix it up with maybe 2001 Maniacs, you get a good sense of what Inbred is about. Do not go into this film expecting a horror blood bath, this is a very slow burn that if you stick with it, you will get to the blood bath. Inbred mixes some horror with comedy and is focused on two social workers and four young people who arrive in a rural Yorkshire village. They arrive to try and fix up some things and what they get is more than they expect from the locals. Inbred follows pretty faithful all those fish out of water scenarios from living in this run down cottage to meeting the locals at the pub. Jim seems to be the owner of the pub and can almost be seen as some sort of father figure to the community. At first he is nice to these outsiders but eventually he will become their worst enemy. This film’s sense of humor may come across as too odd for some people, like a scene that one of the outsiders finds a nude magazine with naked people who have animal faces. The film takes an odd turn around the 45 minute mark and that is when the outsiders are now the prisoners of the town. When, Jim decides to dress in blackface and try to emulate the 20’s with this little show for the town folks that includes killing the outsiders one by one for amusement. While an argument can be made that the outsiders are not people you would get behind or care what happens to them, but to me they sold their dilemma that I feel you grew to worry about them once they were captured. The humor towards the end of the film is what really won me over the most, it just seemed to get darker and darker in the comic element as the film rolled on. Once this film goes into the blood and massacre part, it does not let up. This film becomes very cruel and sinister, and really shows that it can also be creative. Like when Jim and his people are making bets about when someone will get hurt or killed while they run and how it will happen. The negatives to this film is like Martyrs, this film may be too mean spirited or cruel for some people and that the slow burn really is a slow as paint drying burn. While the story at times seems to pop, and you get a laugh, the majority feels like the conversations or situations are just standing still. If you go into this film, be prepared with the storytelling aspect, and then be concerned with how far they take the violence and the nature of some of it. This film seems like it is going to divide an audience, but I feel fans who really like to be challenged and dared, will have fun for the most part with this film.

7.5 out of 10