Movie Review-I Spit On Your Grave 2


Review-When I first heard last year that Monroe was finishing up the sequel to the remake of I Spit on Your Grave, I was stoked. Needless to say that this is not a sequel of the first film or in any form and fashion to anything even close to what you would expect being a fan of both the original and remake. The only reason I am assuming this film has the 2 at the end is to help get people on board to greenlight the project. As the premise of the films was to empower the female, this film does anything but. Where Monroe knows that people expect Grave to have that shock value, but they also want that compelling female lead who makes us feel her pain and those bad guys that really get under our skin and we cannot wait to see them get theirs. This time our victim is named Katie and she is played by a relative newcomer named Jemma Dallender. Jemma we are to assume is a model looking for a gig when she gets a gig for these three brothers, they want her to take off her clothes and she is opposed and leaves. One of the brothers Georgy tracks her down, at first it was friendly he gives her the pictures they took of her. Then, it gets creepy when one night while she is sleeping is awakened by him taking pictures of her sleeping. Georgy rapes her and kills her next door neighbor who tries to save her, and then has to call his brothers to bail him out of this mess he is in. They decide to put Katie’s fingerprints all over the knife to try and frame her for the murder and then drug her up and take her to a foreign country. Which I am not sure, because she was in the trunk for a little while leaving NY, but never got on a plane and the place had the US Embassy. So, I am to assume New Jersey, Ohio or Bulgaria? ( how can anyone get in a car and take a drive from the middle of NY city to Bulgaria in no time)They chain her to the basement and take turns raping her, pissing on her and beating on her. This film has all the cliches which I will not spoil, but if it is a female captured film you know what those are. When they bury her alive at the 50 minute mark is when somehow she gets out of the casket and is now out for revenge. This film is such a letdown, and such an embarrassment to the legacy of I Spit on Your Grave. From the acting of Jemma as Katie which is so pathetic and horrible, that you feel like hitting mute when she opens her mouth. This is torture porn, nothing more or less. If one rape scene does not do it for you, they give you several more. If watching a girl get punched in the face repeatedly does not do it for you, they give you a guy with a shock stick, sticking it in her mouth, her vagina and getting off watching her flip around like a fish. Well you know she is going to get her revenge and the kills are lazy, uninspired and so boring. What was Monroe thinking? What happened to this passion and dedication he showed in the first Grave? Even the cover is misleading; this is why horror fans are so pissed off because people feel like they are being ripped off. This film is cheap, felt like a cheap small indie direct to video film that has no right whatsoever to call itself I Spit on your Grave, this should have just been called We dug this shit out of the grave. The acting in this film all across the board is awful, from the three brothers who really feel like they were going in circles, that the script was being recycled and they just repeated over and over page one. Katie as a victim was horrible as well, to hear her scream or cry on cue got so bad. Jemma is clearly not close to handling a role like this. She should concentrate on local high school theater and work her way up. Monroe has so many strikes against him; I would expect him to step up and want to show fans that he can make a good film. Someone should take Monroe and give him a pep talk, my god he is on this downward spiral that he makes one decent movie and then we get blessed with him riding that hype with trash like this. An ending thought, why was so much emphasis put on the framing of her for the neighbor and they never went back to it. It was like it was all forgotten, and you are telling me that in a foreign country if you never been before you can get around without google map?

3 out of 10