Movie Review-How to Seduce a Virgin


Coming out on Oct 8th

Review-How to Seduce a Virgin is one of those quickie films that Jess Franco is so well known for. A film like this is light on story, lighter on acting and tries to be heavy on sexuality. Jess seems to be obsessed with the Marquis de Sade, and this film is a prime example. Jess is an overachiever who does two films at once, and sometimes in cases like this film one of the films does suffer from a lack of direction and just the feeling that it was rushed out. The plot of this film is very minimal almost to the point it seems so thin that it was a burden to even have a plot. This almost felt like the bastard son of A virgin among the living dead in which we get the Countess Martine who this time is released from the asylum after cutting off her man’s junk. She gets back to her villa where all Jess Franco movies seem to revolve around, and once there she discovers all these sexual things that awakens her to a whole new world and us the viewer to a world of pure boredom. Her husband as the film goes on Charles tells her they will seduce a young daughter of a neighbor but this does not go as planned. They say in the film that she is a virgin but she does not act like one. I am left to wonder, where was the virgin in this film? I guess they meant a virgin to a new world of sexual feelings and gratification, as opposed to just plain insert and pleasure and cum. This film is a mess, a waste of time and patience. If you are in this for the sex you get a ton of big bushes and some late night on HBO scenes. The sex scenes feel so scripted and acted that it takes away any kind of fantasy feeling you could get. The acting throughout this film is not the iceberg that this Titanic sunk on, it is the direction of this film which is just all over the place and is such a wasted film. All in all, after watching so many Jess Franco films in the last two months I am just shocked that the man did not take his art much more serious. This film is an example of a director who really just wanted to rush a film and get it out there.

2 out of 10