Movie Review-Hidden in the Woods


Review-Hidden in the Woods informs us on the opening seconds that this is based on true events. Usually when you see those words you are almost gearing up for a camcorder to pop up and I am happy to report this is no found footage film. Though watching this film go down I am skeptical if this was based on any true event, but I will play along. This Chilean shocker is something different for sure, if you are going into this film expecting a horror film, you may get some of that, but this film is completely so demented and so sinister, that there is no way a sick mind like mine could not have a blast watching this film. The plot of the film centers around two sisters Ana and Anny, we watch the film open with their dad killing their mom accusing her of cheating on him. The film centers on the two girls as they grow up, from a fear of a boogeyman to a father who rapes and abuses them. The result of one of the rapes is the birth of a child who is deformed called Manuel. Manuel was a forced birth that happened from his daughter being gagged and the dad holding a bucket to catch the fetus. Reading what you read so far, you are probably thinking that is pretty strange and gross, how can they possibly top that? Trust me, this film does and does a lot. When one rape attempt the girls scream and run for help, and the cops come and thru that ordeal, the father kills both cops and decides to go on the run. The father it seems besides being a rapist is also helping selling drugs. When he reaches out to his boss for help, the boss tells him to go to the train station with the drugs and they will bail him out of this mess. When the father gets to the train station he decides to go on a rampage and kill everyone and gets arrested. With the father in jail, the two girls and the deformed child are on the run to a cabin hidden in the middle of the woods. As you can guess this film is not going to be that easy, they have the drug lord and his people after them thinking they have the drugs and eventually the father is going to get out of jail looking for them. This is not a film for everyone; in fact you have to ask yourself what you watch movies for before getting into this world. If you watch films to be entertained and get that big story that will make you feel good and love yourself for being alive, you may want to rent or buy another film. If you watch films to have fun and just see how far a film can go to get you to react or shock you, this is definitely a film that you should seek out. This film is vile, disgusting and very unforgiving in its bleak view of society and humans. When the girls run out of money, the older sister turns to prostitution and gives any willing guy a blow job if they pay. As one of her clients starts to show emotions for her, we really see her in a more human light, she comes across as a scared little lamb who is trying to avoid the slaughter and fight off her oppressors who in this case is a boogeyman figure who haunts her. This film also has a very sinister gory side when we learn that the girls and the son have been locked away from society and reality, that they have no clue how to interact with others and also seem to love eating human flesh. This film truly felt like it came out of the 70’s with its devil may care attitude about who it can possibly offend and also just the way it spoke freely without worry about being politically correct. This film makes rape and also sex look and feel very dirty and very cruel. That the human body is just merely an empty vessel or void that can be filled off someone else’s unwilling body. This film has to be seen to be believed, and from the acting that I felt was really solid and had you feeling sympathy for the girls to just the extremes this film goes, this is such a must for fans of daring cinema. This is not a film as much as it a warning that independent cinema does not answer to the Hollywood bs machine. I know this film will be in my top 20 this year, and I think this film could be in yours if you see it.

9 out of 10