Movie Review-Hammer of the Gods


Review-Hammer of the Gods is a film that just seems to have mixed up many films that we are familiar with and added a few television shows and said “here it is”. This film as a storytelling film fails, the characters do not connect with you, the storytelling aspect was not a priority and let’s be honest, a film like this is going to center on the action aspect. Things like characters and script I feel in this film just got in the way of what it wanted to be, and that is basically a shut off your brain and just watches the action sort of film. This film I am to presume is historically correct or close to it, you have the Vikings doing battle with Saxons. This film just does not feel like it cared anything about trying to recreate any sort of history, this film felt like a bunch of modern day stoners vs. a modern day group of bikers. This film for me and I love action just felt so flat right from the start, that the few moments it does try to get something going for it, it just falls flat again trying to be more serious than it should be. This film if it did not take itself so serious, would have been so much more better. Hammer of the Gods tries to set up an interesting tale but it just seems to drag and become redundant to shows like Game of Thrones and films like 300 at times. We already have those, and done so much more better than this, it would have been cool to have a film with its own identity. This film for an action fan they may find good stuff to stick around this story for. If you take films seriously and want an action film that delivers on all cylinders, you may want to skip this film.

3 out of 10