Movie Review-Frozen Ground


Review-Frozen Ground is a shock, you look at the cast and then think direct to video and you are expecting the worst, but this film was a very tense and well-acted little thriller. Nicolas Cage and John Cusack seem to play the proverbial cat and mouse, as Cage plays Jack Halcombe who is on the verge of quitting his Detective job but in his last two weeks is on the search for some missing women. Cusack plays real life serial killer Robert Hansen who in 1983was convicted of killing 4 women. This film also centers around a young woman who is played by Vanessa Hudgens named Cindy Paulson. The film opens with the story of Paulson being the woman who got away from Hansen, but no one seems to be listening to her story because of her history until Halcombe comes into the picture. At first they have no evidence or even believe what she can be saying could be fathomable. The whole time this investigation is going on Hansen is out trying to get the one who got away. Here is a statement I thought I would never say in this lifetime, Vanessa Hudgens really shined in this film, esp. when you consider that she is in a film with two actors who have made a living off of playing characters like these two. Hudgens comes across in this film as a young Fairuza Balk where you just are watching an actress who when the right role happens, really can go with the pro’s. This role had to be demanding on her and it showed, because she really gave you a performance that I would have put in Oscar contention. She makes you believe in her character, her peril and her way out of it. This film was tense just from the chess game by Cage and Cusack; you were always on the edge of your seat to wonder how this scene and film could possibly end. No over the top for Nicolas Cage in this film, he shows us he can be explosive in this film but also can be very solid and believable. Cusack in this film is creepy; he gets under your skin you just know looking at him that something is not right with him. Cusack in the last twenty minutes of this film will have you balling up your fist and getting more and more angry because he really sells himself so well and becomes the villain that a film like this thrives to have. This film is not going to top a lot of critics lists this year, but it is a very good thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat enthralled by this story. The only negative I really have about this film is that the storytelling does seem to go slow in certain times of this film, and that some twists in this film really felt too rushed, that they should have been explained more. Other than that, this film is well worth a rental and could be the star vehicle Hudgens has been working hard for. She really makes this film such a must see just to see her really go all out in this junkie prostitute, underage stripper role. She really plays it tough when needed but when she is abducted you really see her for what she is, a sad lost child who just wanted to belong.

8 out of 10