Movie Review-Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie


Review-The other night, true story I was bored and was flipping thru channels and came across The Jerry Springer Show. I was shocked to see it is still on the air because I have not heard anything about it since what 1999. So I was intrigued and started to watch the episode and Jerry showed me why I have not heard anything throughout this show, and that being he has not changed one bit since his heyday and when he was the king of the talk show. In his heyday, he encouraged people to cater to the sleaziness in all of us, and the violent nature of society. I mean all types of people would watch Springer just to see who is going to get beat up or how much they will get away with. After that, Maury, and every other Tom, Dick and Harry decided they could be a Springer show as well, hell even Springer’s head of security tried his hand at this kind of trash television. I think Morton Downey Jr. rolled over in his grave to see what a lot of people gave him credit for. Évocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. Movie is a very fascinating look at how a failed singer who wanted to be bigger than his celebrity father took politics and talk television, and created a monster. Morton Downey Jr. was a chain smoking right wing, working class, finger pointing madman who was not afraid to open his mouth and create controversy. This film pulls the curtain on this 2 year show and the man himself, in a way that is both entertaining and often at times almost like he was a cruel puppet master. What that means is there is some footage in this film taken during studio breaks on his show that you can tell Downey played theatrically into people to get them to react or push their buttons. The film does talk a lot about the rabid Jersey audience as some of the people from that audience do talk about the experience. It often shows how that show was maybe MTV’s guide to their programming later on. This also shows Morton trying to get the best of Pat Buchanan, Herman Cain, and Alan Dershowitz. And a huge bulk also talks about the Rev. Al Sharpton when he went on that show about a rape case that white men and a police officer were blamed, that later was found out to be a hoax. There is no denying that Morton Downey Jr. was a pop culture phenomenon, but this documentary tells that his fall was just as fast as his rise. The negatives about this film, while they did do an interview with his daughter today, they really did not interview his then wife. They really did not talk about Morton’s final years, this film was basically all about his start and the television show, they really do not really go in depth about the man, but they give us more the television figure.

8 out of 10