Movie Review-Empire State


Review-Empire State is that film that comes across like a made for television movie that was made in a matter of days and released on the cheap. Before we get into this review, if you are a fan of The Rock aka Duane Johnson and are thinking of picking it up for him, you maybe get him for 20-25 minutes tops. Empire State is a loosely based on true events story of a robbery that happened in the 80’s. The film is the story of Chris (played by Liam Hemsworth). Chris’s story is basically his dad gets fired at a job he was at for 10 years and he tried to be a cop and was rejected and now doing security for a wells fargo type of company. One day when on a random money pick up his partner is killed by some robbers. Chris finds out that the company did the widow of his partner wrong, and the company seems to be stealing money from itself. So, he decides since the cameras usually are not on in certain parts of the place to steal some money to help the widow out and get him some spending money. Well, his friend finds out and wants Chris to steal all the money and they can split it. While all this planning is going on The Rock plays a police officer that is given the case once the money is stolen. Like The Rock, Emma Roberts also has top billing and is probably in the film ten minutes. The film tries to be Casino meets Once Upon a Time in America, and it fails. That is not the say the movie is bad, it is just so long and drawn out that when anything happens to get the film moving, it just goes away in a second and we are back to this long drawn out story. When you think of watching a film like this with the stars Liam and The Rock, you are expecting something fast and action packed. Instead you get long drawn out storytelling and a flimsy plot. Eddie who is Chris’s friend is the only part of this film that felt compelling. Eddie is the black sheep that drags Chris down. At the end of the film they have the real Chris tell his current story to the camera, because he helped out on the film. That was the true negative to the film; the character Liam played was nowhere near what the real character was like or even looked like. The film focused so much on the actual robbery that they failed to give us events that led up to it. This film just seems to jump from scene to scene with no meaning, really nothing to make you care about what is going to happen next. The Rock who seems to star in every film right now, the few scenes you do get felt like he just phoned it in. Liam playing Chris was ok, he has a charisma about him that can keep a viewer intrigued. Emma Roberts and even the beautiful Nikki Reed are so underused in this film, that they should have never been used in advertising for this film. I understand why this film is straight to dvd, but I feel that this film had potential and a cast that can pull it off, it just felt that the director and writers really did not give them or the viewer much to work with.

5 out of 10