Movie Review-Drawing Flies: Anniversary Edition


Review-Drawing Flies is coming out on blu ray on September 24th finally and Kino Lorber is behind it. Is this worth a double dip if you have the original dvd? My answer is maybe. I know people do not view this as a so called Kevin Smith film and more like some lost film, but make no mistake about it, this has Smith’s trademarks stamped all over it. I am not talking about the Kevin Smith who put out Jersey Girl and Cop Out, I am talking about the true Kevin Smith and not that parasite today that is living off his past and fucking up his current with tired shit and played out routines. The special features are the same almost, this time we get an all-new 2013 introduction by Smith and Mewes and a new interview with Mewes. The film itself, while some like me dig it, others are not so on board. This film is that odd film that begins in one direction and ends in another. It starts off as a statement to Generation X and the economy and it goes into this insanity of a road film in search of a Sasquatch like creature. Jason Lee plays Donner almost like the same character he played in all the other Kevin Smith films. He is a leader of a group of slackers that go on this trip to find this creature. This is early Jason Lee, not the one who starred in Underdog and whored himself out for Alvin and the Chipmunks as well. Donner is that Kevin Smith character like Jay who is a dope smoking pothead who has no ambition and gets his hands on any free money he can. When the checks run out of unemployment checks for him, he does not know what to do, both him and the gang. Instead of trying to find a job, they keep thinking the unemployment will be coming back and getting them check. Their life seems to be all about beer, drugs and partying. Films like this and Slacker, I feel were so ahead of their time in term of where the society’s mentality seems to be heading towards and views things like being out of work and the lack of wanting to find a job. You have the cameos in here like the man himself Silent Bob and Amy herself Joey Lauren Adams, this had to be when they were still an item. Donner one day wakes up and tells his slacker friends to go camping with him in some log cabin in British Columbia, they get in a van with nothing and no means to survive for this adventure. This film seems to have a vague view on life and existence, where everyone seems to live to be drunk, stoned or cuss. This film is shot in 16mm black and white and it is beautifully transferred to blu ray and the fans of Kevin, will be happy with the finished product. Jason Lee in this film shows why he was perfect for the dark deadbeat humor of My Name is Earl, the man has great comic chops. The script is pretty comedy based but I feel Kevin just took the scraps off of Mallrats, Clerks and Chasing Amy and etched them together for this film. That is not a bad thing, but you just get the feeling as the film goes on and on, that this film if it did not have a comfort zone and a director who plays to his very few strengths instead of trying to see what else that pony has. The film is what it is, and may have also inspired Blair Witch and also future generations of slacker comedies and cabin films, who knows. All in all, this was a fun enough and I dug hard on the special features and I am so glad we got a blu ray release.

7.5 out of 10