Movie Review-Bloody Homecoming


Coming to you September 24th

Review-Bloody Homecoming reminds me of the slasher films that came out in the mid 80’s. Going into it you feel you seen it before and by the end you wish you did not. The art work of this film seems very inspired by The Loved Ones, and the film inside that art works seems more inspired by films like Halloween, Prom Night and My Bloody Valentine. The film starts off with this group of I guess preppy kids who are refused entry into their High School dance, which we learn within seconds that the leader of the kids paid off the guys to refuse them entry so he can get with his date. Well, the guys decide to bring the girls to the building next door to do their own dance in some pants and when a girl plays the tease to the head guy, he decides that she was asking for it and tries to rape her, and she gets her revenge and by accident he is burned to death when the building catches fire. Which was so odd, they never showed how it was possible for this fire to happen. As you can guess after this ordeal is over, all the people who were in the building that night are all being targeted by a killer or is it our burn victim out to get his revenge. This film had some pluses; I liked some of the feel of the film. When the horror element was on screen, it really went fast and tried to entertain the viewer. The negatives are easy, everything else about this film from the dialogue to every scene and sequence. This film while the horror element did seem ok, the kills were very badly done. I am not sure if the budget should be blamed, I think the way they came across on camera was the real crime. I feel if they would have tried to hide them a little or focus on the positive, it would have played out better. The acting and dialogue are very bad, and when the film ventures to try and be a serious movie it comes across as Glee reenacting the Prom Night remake. When the big twist to your film is a main character’s sexuality, you know that this film is trying too hard to cater to too many different audiences. The sad part is that it fails to connect with me on a horror level, not sure how it could connect to a teenager or maybe the gay community, but I know that this film should have tried harder to deliver on the horror element. When the reasons why the killer killed, it is so eye rolling that they are trying to cash in on something that an out of touch person would think is a topic of today. The characters in this film showed the acting range and talent of an anorexic model at the head of the buffet line after she ate half of a pea and three glasses of water. The number down below is charity, because of maybe a few kills and me sticking with it to the pathetic end. This movie was as fun as a hemorrhoid patient who has no hands to itch with.

4 out of 10