Movie Review-An Awkward Sexual Adventure


Review-An Awkward Sexual Adventure is an adult comedy about Jordan who is in love with Rachel. The film opens with them having sex and he seems bored to tears and she is sound asleep. In the morning he makes her breakfast in bed and as he is getting ready to take their once a year vacation together, she informs him that she does not want to be with him anymore. As her argument goes on, we learn that Jordan cannot satisfy her sexually, well among many other things. Well, he decides that maybe she is just mad so he decides to propose to her even though she dumped him. Well, as you can guess that does turn out well for him. He decides to go on the trip alone. When he gets there, he meets up with a male friend who he hopes can be his “ sexual yoda” to help him win her back. Well, his friend meets a woman who he falls in love with and that plan is out the window. So, after throwing a party that he strikes out just trying to get a girl to take a picture with him to make his girlfriend jealous, he ventures out to the strip club. Once there, he gets drunk and somehow or another ends up without his pants on passed out in the trash dumpster. Well, earlier in the club he gave a stripper change to buy a bag of chips and called it karma. Well, the stripper finds him outside and confused on what to do brings him to her house. Julia is a stripper by trade, but her true passion is cooking. When Jordan wakes up the next day he sees that Julia is in all this debt and makes a deal with Julia that if she helps him be a better sexual partner, he can help her get out of debt. Jordan is so clueless that you cannot feel sympathy for him. A blind person can tell right from the get-go that Julia is far better than Rachel in every way, and she falls hard for him as the film plays on. The sex course is done in a matter of lessons, each one involving something odd. From going to massage parlor and being jerked off but having to hold back his climax, to talking dirty while cleaning seafood, and then going in drag that somehow or another he not only sees his ex- rabbi but this event he goes to somehow or another is playing around the world and his ex- Rachel while she is having a threesome sees it on television and has to rush to see him. I liked this film; I thought the humor at times was funny. The negative to this film is that it tried too hard to be a feel good and engaging film. I love the dark humor and the sexual situations, there is a few times in this film that they definitely ventured past the R barrier. I just felt the going back and forth between Rachel and Julia made him look stupid and just a total doof. Not one of us would leave Julia for Rachel. No offense but you know your girl is cheating on you, you know you chased her for 30 plus years and she only fell for you because she was lonely, and you got this woman who loves you, and is a very kind person and you leave her for the woman who put you thru hell, not once but twice? That clueless negative behind us, the film is a fun watch for people who are sick of sexual comedies being immature or catering to a young crowd. This is an adult comedy that I feel a couple could watch and laugh together.

8 out of 10