Movie Review-An American Hippie In Israel (Limited Edition/Blu-ray/DVD Combo-3 Disc Set)


Review-Have you ever witnessed a film that was just so absurd, that you seem to want to keep watching just to see if it can get more absurd? Welcome to An American Hippie In Israel, one thing is for sure what you feel before you start the film and what you feel after, may be night and day. The film centers around a hippie named Mike, who seems to be traveling and by some chance gets picked up by a woman named Elizabeth. As we get to know them, they seem to have some things in common and decide to start their own little community. As part of a subplot, there seems to be a few guys who have been following Mike, and massacre anyone that seems to come into contact with him. This film is interesting to me the most for the simple fact like other films that I seem to find, this is just that one of a kind film that is entertaining for the reason that you will not forget it once it ends. This film was made in the 70’s and seemed to be reflecting the sign of the times in that era, when the country was divided by what Vietnam was all about, and what came out of that to just the rise of more and more corporations. This film has a carefree attitude to it that life is what you make of it and not others, and that you can go thru a trip and not be using any kind of drug. This film is all over the place in terms of what message it is trying to preach, and how it tries to send it. The film gets into more odd territory when the community is killed by the two men chasing Mike, and Mike, his woman Elizabeth and a couple and they take off to an island, which they become stranded when their boat drifts away and all around them is sharks. The film becomes almost a fight for survival film when the three of them start to turn. This film is a film that really seems to revel in the Charles Manson era of thinking. This film can almost feel like that man directed this film, it is just so odd and so out of left field, that by the end of the film I was not sure to be happy that I loved the film or be worried. Films like this come out once in a lifetime and trust me you are really happy that they do. I found myself as the film went on, trying to figure it out more and more. This acting in this film was strong; the performances alone are worth the rental. The material in this film can be seen as a true hippie movement. For the most part I liked the film; by the end I knew that I was glad I watched this film. If you are one of those film fans who think you have seen it all, this is yet another one of those that shows you that maybe you have not.

8 out of 10