Movie Review-Adam Chaplin


Review- Autonomy Pictures made a bold statement when they got the rights to the much hyped Bunny Game for the first film on their label. If that statement was not loud enough, the follow-up Blood For Irina made people think about vampire films a little different. Now the daring label unleashes their third film which has to be the most hyped film in the last 5 years. Adam Chaplin. Talk about a film that has no limits, and a ton of balls. Sad, we got no blu ray love but beggars cannot be choosers. Adam Chaplin is a blood orgy of violence and insanity that the only way to review this film is from a psychiatric ward. This film is insanity in its purist form, and for a small budget film this film has a huge heart and a ton of imagination. Adam Chaplin was written and directed by Emanuele De Santi who also plays the title character. Adam seems hell-bent on getting revenge on those who killed his wife. The film takes place in Heaven Valley and judging by all the gore and violence in this film, heaven is what the viewer will feel. Adam has this demon who guides him, which means he is dehumanized as well. As you can guess this film is light on acting and script, but it makes up for it with all out brutality. Adam Chaplin at its core does not feel like a film, it feels like a long extended video that just displays how far they can go with the extremes they reach for. Which for me is the only downfall to this film, and it at times is a big one. I wish this film would have concentrated more with trying to make characters stand out or mean more, or backstories to be told to us and get us more involved. That being said, this film does not try to be something it is not, or apologize for what it is. This film is all about style and that it delivers, and I mean the characters we do get are passable and never boring, but you just wish there was more substance. I will be honest, this is a film to get a group of friends over and get plastered and everyone gather around the television and have a blast. This film could be called a cult classic; lord knows there are so many rabid fans who have been waiting for this release for a while. The good news is that Autonomy Pictures are behind it, and I feel that this label is going to be such a huge player.

8 out of 10