Movie Review-Aberration


Coming out this Tuesday

Review-Films like Aberration are so hard to review, because on one hand I get a film to review to promote it. But, on another hand when I get a film like this that is so bad, the promotion I am going to give it will hurt more than help. This is one of those films that a friend watches and calls you up and says, “Well it was a bad imitation of this film or that film”. To watch the trailers you feel like this could be the next entry into what Stir of Echoes? The PR people behind the scenes and the studio itself are awesome people, and I know they know how bad this film could be, but when they read reviews like this I feel like they will not believe how bad this film really is. And to be fair and honest, I will sit thru a million bad films but many times I had to talk myself into finishing this film. The plot or lack of one was so paper thin and just pathetic that to keep up with it, makes you look even more stupid for sticking with the film. The acting in this film is horrid, below indie scale horrid as well. This had to be friends of the director who did this film for food or to look better on their resume. This film centers on Christy Dawson who I would have hoped at least was cute to good looking to at least distract me from all the negatives of this film, but she was not. She discovers like in Stir of Echoes that she can talk to the dead. Well, a young boy’s spirit emerges and he is there to help her solve some murders. This film just was so long and boring, the pace of this film while it did move at a decent pace, for what you were given in that pace you would have hoped for a cliff’s note pace instead. The characters and script are just too little to pull off this material. It is like asking a C student at best 5th grader to do 12th grade advanced Biology. You can tell all involved looked to be over their head and lost. To think of something positive about this film is almost like trying to find an honest person in the white house during an election year. This film has zero to no horror elements that can keep the attention of any horror fan I know. The film has zero to no talent, and I feel like any of us with a smart phone and a few friends who are trying to be someone, could recreate this film with no experience and be better. To know this film is coming out on dvd gives me hope that any film can get a distribution deal and that people no longer judge a film by talent or quality. This film I feel if I say is one of the worst films of the year will give people some kind of incentive to test the waters and see if it is so bad, that it is good. I will say right now this film in the hands of some horror fans can result in a flood of calls at suicide prevention. If you want to waste your money, see for yourself if all I said is not correct. I feel some of you will think I was far too easy on this film.

1 out of 10