Movie Review- A Bay of Blood-Kino Classics Remastered Edition


Review-Bay of Blood is the reason most of us are here today doing this thing called blogging and the majority of us are horror fans. Bay of Blood is widely regarded as the Bava masterpiece and also the first slasher film. Kino did an awesome job with the transfer, so much so that if you did not know better you would think that this film was made in 2013 to look like it came out in the early 70’s. The story is about a wheelchair bound Countess who is killed by her husband to make it resemble a suicide. Before you think you know where this story is going, the husband is killed by an unknown person. The killer dumps the husband’s body in the bay. Well, a group of family and relatives go to the bay to lay claim to the property. Also added to the mix is when four teens who up to party and have fun in an empty villa. This film is the story of how greed and paranoia are never a fun combination. Where everyone who is there is a suspect and has their own agenda. The kills in this film are fun, and you can tell that this film was the litmus paper for films like the Friday’s and the Halloweens. Some of the kills in this film are really for the time it was shot had to be controversial like the machete in the face or the two lovers impaled together. The film as it goes on gets better and better, that by the ending you wish that the film did not end. Bava with this film showed people he did not need his Goth feel or sexuality to tell a good horror story, you just needed ambition and passion, and that is stamped all over this film. This film just feels like such a iconic masterpiece that it should be on everyone’s shelf. If you are a fan of the slasher films of the late 70’s to 80’s, this film was the one they all seemed to copy. This film is a good statement on how people can change in terms of greed, which can lead someone on a killing spree. Bava loves that zoom lens a lot in the film, and he seems this time around to linger on wounds and scars, as opposed to the past when he would linger on sexuality. The location the film was shot almost felt like a character in itself, it was haunting yet look inviting. The ending to the film is a sadistic cool and a fun cruelty. In 2013, the things in this film in terms of kills are still brutal and shocking.

All in all, this is the best Bava release to date, and a must have for any horror fan. Bay of Blood is the real deal if there was one.

10 out of 10