Metal Review: Saint Vitus: C.O.D. (2013 Reissue)

Saint Vitus C.O.D.

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Early doom pioneers Saint Vitus have reissued two of their long overlooked classics, “C.O.D.” and “Die Healing” through Season of Mist. Many call Saint Vitus the godfathers of doom metal and they may not be entirely mistaken. I will always look to Black Sabbath as being the true originators of one of the heaviest forms of metal out there and you hear the Black Sabbath influences bleeding through Saint Vitus’ sound.

First and foremost, the remastered sound on “C.O.D.” adds so much brilliance to the sound. The crystal clear bass lines on Planet of Judgement thump their way through the track adding more depth to an already solid sound. Just the technology differences from the 1990s to now is astounding. Of course, the classic Children of Doom sounds better as well with Dave Chandler’s guitar lines taking center stage on this gem.

Overall, it is nice to get a shine placed on one of my favorite Saint Vitus albums because it makes the album much heavier and cleaner to listen to. I never thought that the album needed it because part of its charm was the dirty, grimy sound that they put out there, but listening to this pristine version of the album makes it that much stronger.

Saint Vitus fans rejoice in the fact that this is a very nice release with bonus tracks and a cleaner, crisper sound. We all know that they will be picking this one up anyway. What I truly hope is that this reissue brings in another group of fans to let the legacy of Saint Vitus grow that much more.

C.O.D. Track Listing:     
1. Intro
2. Children of Doom
3. Planet of Judgement
4. Shadow of a Skeleton
5. (I Am) The Screaming Banshee
6. Plague of Man
7. Imagination Man
8. Fear
9. Get Away
10. Bela
11. A Timeless Tale
12. Hallow’s Victim (Exhumed)
13. To Breed a Soldier (Bonus Track)
14. The Chameleon (Bonus Track)

Saint Vitus Line-up :       
Dave Chandler: guitars, vocals on “A Timeless Tale”
Christian “Chritus” Linderson: vocals
Mark Adams: bass
Armando Acosta (R.I.P. 2010): drums