Metal Review: Emblazoned: The Living Magisterium (2013)

Emblazoned The Living Magisterium

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Wisconsin’s Emblazoned is a band that has been around in 1999, but most people were not familiar with them at the time. In 2001, the released their first demo, “Nocturnal Arsonist.” The band returned in 2005 with the EP “A Ceremony of Hellfire.” In 2013, the death metal act is back with “The Living Magisterium,” which is a collection of four new songs and a brief introduction into the album establishing a dark, grim atmosphere that sets the tone for the remaining 4 tracks.

Although the tracks are brief, with the longest clocking in at 3:47, the do indeed pack a punch, or better yet, a foot upon the throat of the listener. The mixture of guttural and raspy vocals are a nice blend to the precision of the guitar riffs and constant bashing of the drums. The songs are definitely riff-driven starting with the first song proper Extinction of Creation, which is layered with crunching riffs and tight distorted sounds.

Songs like Refuge in Darkness are slower in tempo, but not in intensity. This track is evil personified in musical format with some great melodic guitar work happening. The vocals steal the show on this one though with guttural intensity that you do not hear too often. Of course, this track has its moments of a higher tempo and some nice drum work as well.

The closing track, In Ex Cathedra, is a one of my favorite on the release with its great opening and precision riff work. The double bass at the end of each iteration of the riff adds so much to that sound.

Overall, Emblazoned gives us a lot to be excited about, but I just hope to not have to wait so long to hear from them again.

The Living Magisterium Track Listing:
01. Premonition – 1:32
02. Extinction of Creation – 3:23
03. Bounce by Eternal Penance – 2:34
04. Refuge in Darkness – 3:36
05. In Ex Cathedra – 3:47