Blu Ray Review-Halloween (35th Anniversary Edition)


Review-Being a horror fan is a hard enough job, being a horror film collector makes it even harder. You always want to buy the first copy of your favorite films when they hit home video, but since the inception of DVD, and the dawning of Blu Ray, you are always fearful that once you buy that copy, that you are going to get coaxed into double dipping for the double disc or the unrated, extended and that one copy that is so much greater than you meek original copy. It would not be so bad if one studio or company did it alone, but it is pretty much all the companies are doing it. There is no doubting Halloween is a film that all horror fans do own, whether it is that beta copy, vhs, dvd or blu ray. If you are a horror fan, you have a copy of the original Halloween. This review is about whether you should upgrade, and my answer is simple: yes. The cover to this film alone looks awesome and the layout inside reminds me when I double dipped on the Matrix blu ray. The original blu ray had worthwhile the commentary with Carpenter. Hill and Curtis and the Cut Above Rest featurette that was ok. So, if you have that copy hold on to it, this time you get an all new commentary with both Carpenter and Curtis, and all new documentary about Curtis going to a fan convention. Inside the digibook is a booklet with some cool pictures and a little story about the film. They also got back the old extras as well, esp. the television footage, that they aired when it came on tv. This film was inspired by a quote from Hitchcock that Roger Ebert also referenced in his book when he talked about when he first saw Halloween. “I enjoy playing the audience like a piano”. Halloween is Carpenter’s slasher classic that would inspire many movies for many moons to come. We are introduced to the shape intruder named Michael Myers who as a kid as sent away to a mental hospital for murder. Doctor Loomis is his doctor who watches over Michael and knows that if Michael ever gets set free he will be a menace. As most of us horror fans know, if Michael stays in there, the movie is not happening so he has to escape. Once he is free he goes back home to kill his sister Laurie. With Dr. Loomis and the local police out to find him before he can kill her. Halloween is a roller coaster of both fear and suspense that we all watched when we were young, and always go back when we get older. This film is a classic, and as great as this first one was, my personal favorite was the sequel. The shock is that in 1978 this film was not even thought about for an Oscar. To me, if any horror film deserved one, it would be Halloween. I mean how many of us, think to ourselves I cannot wait to watch A Passage to India again or where is my copy of Chariots of Fire? I am not saying these are bad films and both deserved all their praise and Oscar stuff, I am just saying why does the awards that talk about the best in the field of film always ignore films like this? I really hope that all this Halloween hoopla with Blu Ray dipping is going on, we finally get the director’s cut to Part 6. That is a blu ray a true fan has really been waiting for. Just close those eyes and buy it, you will not regret this dip.

10 out of 10