Blu Ray Review-Bates Motel:Season One


Coming out This Tuesday…

Review-Bates Motel is generally the prequel to the film Psycho, as it explores the teenager Norman Bates and his mother Norma. The good news is that this is a million times better than the awful reboot starring Vince Vaughn, the bad news is that I feel some horror fans are really going to enjoy it for what it offers, while purists and other horror fans are going to have to nitpick each aspect of the show and end up not liking it. This is the age when people do not want to be entertained it seems like and instead has to critique everything to the point that you wonder why they even bothered. A&E right now has so much going for them in terms of original programming that you think a show like this could easily be their biggest gamble, and I am one of the ones who actually liked this show and think the gamble was well worth it. My biggest fear going into this show was that they would not respect the original, and to the show’s huge positive, they not only respect the iconic character but also make him almost a very likable character that you hope changes his fate, which given that we had all those films we know may not be happening. The show comes right out of the gates with a dreamlike sequence to get you in the mood for what is upcoming showcasing the death of the Bates Motel, and then it moves ahead a half of a year and Norman and Norma relocate to purchase this property that was in foreclosure. Then we focus on Norman making friends at school including a girl named Bradley Martin who takes an interest in him. To the positive of all the Psycho fans you get killing, violence and a ton of brutal scenes that will keep you glued to the television. We also learn of a character named Dylan Bates who is Norman’s half-brother and he just arrives out of the blue that we learn was tracking them down. The huge positive to me about this show is the acting, and how strong the performances come thru. This is definitely a two act show with Norma and Norman, but the side characters also provide many different flavors that keep you interested in their well-being. I feel this show can be the new Dexter in a way, that the first season people will be divided on but will give season two a shot and see improvement if they were not a fan of the first. And if they were a fan of the first will be happy that the show got better. I am dying to see how far they can take it till they actually get into the original film space. Bates Motel has a lot of horror, some very fun suspense and also some black comic elements, that really keep this show on a very good balance. I am glad that horror on television is starting to really be taken serious. I feel if you are a fan of Psycho, you could really get into this show if you gave it a fair shot. I love the original Psycho and sort of liked II and III, and I really like this show and felt from first episode to end of the season, it delivered.

8 out of 10