Wrestling-Summerslam 2013-Predictions and Preview


Say what you want but if you are a wrestling fan how can you not be stoked about tonight? Usually with Summerslam we get a clue on what direction they are taking the company in the last part of 2013. Let’s preview and predict what could go down tonight.

WWE United States Title Match (Kickoff Pre-show)
Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose (c)

I like Ambrose and I know that the future has his name written on it. This match I feel should be a good way of highlighting him and having RVD do the job, but I feel this match will be nothing more than a set up to a match at Summerslam either for the tag titles or a 6 man tag. So, I feel that this match that should make Ambrose more credible will end up just getting a second match for later out of it.

Winner by DQ-Rob Van Dam

WWE Championship Match:

John Cena (c) vs. Daniel Bryan – Special Referee: Triple H

Let the talk begin, what can possibly happen in this match. Direction 1-HHH turns on Bryan and sides with Orton and he cashes in. That will set up a feud for the title while Cena is out having surgery. Direction 2-Bryan wins and Orton tries to cash in and fails. Direction 3-Cena keeps the WWE title and Orton Cashes in on him. So, my gut knows Orton will cash in tonight. I mean, Night of Champions is next month and you have to know the main event is Orton vs Bryan. Since, Bryan is so super over, McMahon needs a super over heel to counter, and Orton is the guy it just feels they are going with. This one will be interesting and very intriguing, but I am not sure who could win so this is a blind pick. I just feel we cannot leave Summerslam on a good note, it has to be Orton and HHH celebrating.

Winner and new champ-Daniel Bryan

After the HHH turn-Winner and new champ-Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Christian

This match could be good if they have enough time to work with. Christian is a more than capable wrestler and Del Rio seems to be hitting his stride with the latest heel turn. I would love to think Christian could win, but if he does it will be just for Sandow to cash in. I just do not see them getting away from Del Rio just yet. This match could be a sleeper match, but the outcome is pretty much a given.

Winner and Still Champ-Del Rio

Ring Of Fire Match:
Kane vs. Bray Wyatt

I am really a fan of the Wyatt’s and I see star written all over Bray. We know that eventually we will get to the showdown that fans are wanting with The Wyatt’s and The Shield. It is a given that the Wyatt family will be involved in this match, possibly hiding under the ring. All roads lead to Kane leaving to film See No Evil 2, and trying to make the Wyatt’s dominant. Bray Wyatt tonight knows he has all the eyes on him, The Shield had the same thing at TLC last year and delivered and made people believe, I am hoping that Bray does as well. I wonder if Johnny Cash is rolling in his grave?

Winner-Bray Wyatt

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar

Last year it was HHH and Lesnar and I felt the hype was unreal but the match was so lackluster. This time it is the same thing, the hype is so unreal, this best vs. the beast deal, but if this is just a regular wrestling match I feel that they could suffer the same fate as last year. This has to be a fight, a brawl and I feel these two can deliver a hell of a match. Rumors are out this is Lesnar’s last match till Mania which locks him with Taker for the Streak. If the rumors are false and Lesnar wrestles at Survivor Series I feel Punk will win the rematch. I mean, we know Lesnar wins, they have to get that one last match out of him at Mania and it has to be Taker. All roads in WWE leads to the Mania card, and what is good for business. Punk winning hurts more than it would help, I mean Punk will get title shots whether he loses or wins tonight. But, if Lesnar loses what does that make him look like in fans eyes trying to beat The Undertaker at Mania. I know the world is predicting Punk, but I am taking Lesnar, there is more money in him winning. Punk can be knocked out and the ref is forced to ring the bell, or the ref stops the match, but I just feel all roads lead to The Streak vs. The Beast.

Winner-Brock Lesnar

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow

I am a fan of this match for the simple fact that Sandow needs these kinds of feuds right now to build up him to be viewed as a possible threat to the world title. I mean, with him winning MITB it just feels like when Jack Swagger won it, just give him the title and he will lose it, and we can get on and he will be back at the bottom of the card. I feel that WWE is trying to build up Sandow as a player as well as Cody. With Cody, he is viewed as his dad being the booker and his brother an agent that he is given everything. I feel Cody has worked hard for a lot of years, and that he should at least be in the title hunt. I just feel when Sandow wins the title all roads will lead to Ziggler taking it. Sandow needs creditability and this match can help him. But, Rhodes and this face push he has needs it as well, so the loss has to be something we can get rematches out of.

Winner-Damien Sandow

Dolph Ziggler and Kaitlyn vs. AJ Lee and Big E Langston

This is a miss; this whole feud is a miss. Ziggler was on top of the mountain after what a 8 month build for it, to be taken off of it in less than 6 weeks. This match should be the pre-show and give Ambrose and RVD the ppv. I know Ziggler is going on to bigger and better things; well he has to what is the next step under this, wrestling Justin Gabriel in the dark match. Big E feels rushed, they really need to give him a chance to breathe and make people want more from him. I think maybe Big E vs. Ryback could be a good block for him to work with. AJ is a great talent, and I feel she really is on fire right now, but I think she knows this is being dragged on for far too long and that she does better when things are new or fresh. This is the match that most of us can go to the bar and get a drink, or go to the bathroom.

Winner-Dolph and Kaitlyn

Natalya vs. Brie Bella

Total Divas is a hit on E. Case in point is this match. This is another reason to go to the bar or get in a restroom break. I wonder if Richie Kotzen is watching tonight thinking I think I banged her, but I know I banged her sister, I think? This match should be quick and painless.