Wrestling Review-YouShoot-Awesome Kong


Review-Kayfabe Commentaries is back with the next entry into my favorite series, the YouShoot. The bravest in the business sit down and let you the fans ask them questions. This month is Awesome Kong, or as some WWE fans may know her as Kharma. Addressed on this interview are topics like her time in Japan, the Bubba-the Love Sponge situation and her very short run in WWE. I am shocked at how much personality she has, she really had a blast and it showed from start to finish. When the interviewee gets into the interview, is when you get a magic. Back from a semi-vacation are my two favorite “heat” seeking segments, The Ho Bag and What a Dick. That is when the interviewee in this case Awesome Kong is given a name and having to spill some dirt on both the males and females in the business. The Ho Bag segment with Sean Oliver making his little faces really made that segment so funny. There are some pauses where you can tell Awesome Kong wants to hold back, but thank god she did not. She tells a story about a certain female that owes her Aunt money for babysitting her child.

If there was a negative to this interview it was that I felt some of the questions were going in circles and at the end we really only know part of the story. So, I am hoping we get a Timeline with her for TNA in 2009, because there are so many other stories to share and talk about. I wonder if Dixie Carter knows that the majority of her ex talent has not one nice thing to say about her, and her business practices. Kong is no different and tells a few tales that paint that company in a very ugly light. I wonder how the daughter of one of the wealthiest business men in the world stiffs so many wrestlers for paydays. Again, we need a Timeline of TNA, and to get Kong more wine so she will open up more. It is funny when you ask TNA talent about creative not too many people were sure who was who in that group. No wonder all these years later and millions spent, that Vince still views them as a very minor league. Again, Awesome Kong had some fun and this shoot is worth watching just for the simple fact that she does not hold back on slinging mud on wrestlers, and does share a Scott Steiner story or two that may upset that man to take to Twitter again. This was a good shoot interview, it was a little too short at 97 minutes, but it opens the door for a sequel.

8 out of 10