Wrestling Review-Timeline: History of WCW 2000 as told by Vince Russo


Review-This time around Kayfabe Commentaries brings us to the last year of WCW with Vince Russo in this Timeline. I will be honest, this is the best Timeline to date and there is one simple reason: for 2 ½ hours Vince Russo holds absolutely nothing back. In the pro wrestling world there are people, who come and go, but there are people who come along and their impact and legacy seems to linger long past when they leave the business. Whether you love or hate Vine Russo, you have to admit there aren’t that many writers in this sport that has generated as much talk both positive and negative as this man. We all remember the last year of WCW as a time they were looking for anything to make some kind of spark, or that Vince Russo wanted to show everyone that he was the creative genius behind the success of the WWF during the attitude era. This Timeline did not feel like two hours plus, because Russo has that personality that when he talks you are never sure what is coming out of his mouth and you know either he is going to make you a fan or incite you to get on the internet and spew hate. Vince Russo really took the dates and events that happened and really puts into perspective the mindset on things like David Arquette winning the world title, Kanyon falling off the second story of the cage, Russo winning the world title and so much more. Vince also is not shy about talking about TNA and some of their talents, and seems to name drop quite a few of the talent and gives some ahem Vince Russo constructive criticisms. Vince also sheds light on the Oklahoma character that a lot of fans were not so happy about and pulls the curtain back with him talking to J.R. down the road about it. I know people have heard over a million Russo shoot interviews, but trust me this is the one you have to hear. He gives us some rehashed stories, but he also gives us some new stories and situations he never discussed before. I know Russo has also stated that he is going to end the interviews with this one, rumored. I would love to see one in his final year of WWE, that was also talked about during the shoot but I would love to see a TNA timeline one as well. Russo is the first writer in the history of wrestling that worked the internet into a frenzy no matter what happened whether he was responsible or not. How many wrestling writers do you go to a PPV or a tv tapings and the crowd has a chant of firing them because of something that failed in the ring. As a fan I know there will never be another Stone Cold, Hogan, Rock, Vince McMahon, but I also know there will never be a writer who was so daring and intelligent like Russo. Watch this shoot and hear his mindset trying to save this dying company and you will see that this is another Hall of Fame talent that really took Heyman’s internet pipe dream and made it a reality. This is a must, and the best thing Kayfabe Commentaries and Sean Oliver has put out to date. This is the wrestling fan’s wet dream.

10 out of 10