VHS Review: Girls Nite Out


A scavenger hunt gets deadly when someone dressed in the school’s mascot uniform is slashing their way through the participants. 

It’s hard to remember the last time a slasher flick featured a killer in a bear costume. Five points for originality. Zero points for pacing and dialogue. The film takes too many leaps and turns in pointless directions. We are given too many characters with little time spent developing. All of these negatives aside, Girls Nite Out is an underrated, amateurish effort. It has all the correct ingredients to make for the perfect slasher recipe. Lunatic in a mental institution, check. Young horny kids getting sliced open, check. Costume parties, check.

Lets look into the killer lunatics background, his name is Dickie Cavanaugh and he’s a former frat boy. We see him commit suicide in the opening scene but then the grave diggers are jumped by a mysterious figure. Is Dickie still alive or is another frat boy losing his marbles after all the whoring around? It wouldn’t be a slasher without all the red herrings which makes this recipe come full circle. A slasher film wouldn’t be complete without a killer running around calling people whores and sluts. Whoever the killer is, we know that he is disguising his voice. One of the frat boys is murdered first (not counting the grave diggers) and his mascot suit is taken while the killer tells him, “I need this more than you do.” This wont be the last time we hear that ‘voice’ as the killer constantly taunts the college DJ hosting the scavenger hunt.

The title is a little misleading considering, no girls are on a night out. That’s never the focus of the film anyway. What we have here is a scavenger hunt that’s interrupted by a crazy person in the school’s mascot bear suit. The film opens with a mental patient hanging himself in his room. Soon it’s revealed that this college douche bag killed his girlfriend after she dumped him. How he ended up in the nut house is questionable and never answered. The father of the murdered cheerleader is campus cop Hall Holbrook. He’s intent on keeping crime off campus. Another notable actor in the film is Julie Montgomery, who we all know as Betty Childs in Revenge of the Nerds. It’s refreshing to see familiar faces but even that won’t save this train wreck of a slasher film. See, I am torn. A part of me is completely bored and another part of me is intrigued and disturbed. The final shot of the film is quite disturbing. It has that Sleepaway Camp vibe and abruptly stops. That final image and that VOICE scares me. It’s rare that a slasher film crawls into my skin. Rutanya Alda will forever haunt my dreams.

Any attempt to bring humor into the mix failed completely. It’s a shame that the characters are so damn annoying. Seriously, what is with this basketball team? These guys are some of the most annoying characters I have ever seen in a film and they don’t even die! All of the campus girls seem to be a bunch of cheating whores. There’s an awful lot of cheating going on. I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Is it perfect? Hardly. Is it scary? In less you are scared of bears, not really. Will it leave you feeling tingly? Most definitely. This is a must have in every slasher collectors batch.

Additional Thoughts:
Dutch ovens are no fun and the least bit comical.
This final girl didn’t have to put up a fight so to me she doesn’t qualify as the final girl.
How many times are they going to play this fucking song?
That is one of the sickest mullets I have ever seen.

The score has a lot of popular songs at the time which makes me wonder how lengthy their budget was. That being said, there’s only so much of “Yummy yummy yummy in my tummy” I can take.