TV Show Review-Amazing World of Gumball 3: The Party


This may be the biggest shock of my life. I am a huge old school cartoon fanatic. As I own all the Looney Tunes collections and anything Disney. This one I knew absolutely nothing about going into it, but by the end of the 2 hours plus if I did not become a fan. I am not sure if this cartoon I could recommend to little kids, but I think teens may dig it and adults would as well. This cartoon is really funny, and has such a fresh sense of humor that I found myself laughing more at this then any comedy I seen last year in the theater. If you guys are new to Gumball, I am here to guide you thru this. The show seems to be centered on this Watterson family; all who seem to be drawn as traditional cartoon animals. Gumball is a cat, as is his mother but the dad and sister is bunnies. The family seems to have a pet fish named Darwin who grew legs and left the tank and joined the family frame. Outside of the family, Gumball has friends named Tina who is a T-Rex, a bunch of little creatures that resemble I guess some kind of puppet or muppet, Anton who is a piece of toast and our cat has a crush on Penny who is a peanut with antlers.

Why is this not really suited for very young kids is because it has a lot of cartoon violence, I know most people will frown at me, but I know I was a huge fan of Bugs Bunny, Roadrunner, and Popeye among others as a kid, and even though we knew as kids that the violence was fake and for laughs, today’s parents need us to help them raise the kid, so I have to tell them that. This is one of those deals that when I started this dvd I looked at the television like anyone my age who works on a site that is about horror and metal, and said “How can anyone like this”. But, as the show went on, it won me over and I was so entertained. The show has a lot of highs but it also has some lows, when the show is firing on all cylinders and in the spirit, it really soars and will entertain you, but there are certain parts of this that do not soar, and those I found sort of boring and almost unwatchable. But, the positives do outweigh the negatives, and I think kids who are used to cartoon violence would not even notice the negatives and may like this a lot more than an adult who will. I have an 8 year old great niece, and I would let her watch it, but I would have that talk before that this is fantasy and fun, do not try to duplicate what you see. Now my 6 month old great niece may be a little too young for this. All in all, this was way better than it has any right to be.

7.5 out of 10