Sigh Working on New Album

SighJapanese avantgarde black metal band Sigh have just announced that they are currently working on their tenth full-length studio album. The successor to “In Somniphobia,” which was released back in March, 2012, will be entitled “Graveward.” The band hopes that the album recordings will start sometime in the middle of 2014.

Statement from the band: “Now we’re working on our tenth full-length album, which we hope to start recording sometime in the middle of 2014. So far 10 tracks are almost done. We have to keep arranging them until we’re 100% satisfied with the result though. This will be a bit more straight than In Somniphobia, but still it’s eerie and scary with lots of horror soundtrack touch. The title will be Graveward.”

  • Sigh lover

    I jizzed! I can’t fucking wait, Sigh is the best.