Quick thoughts about movie trailers

Trailers have gotten out of hand, man. I feel like every time I see a new trailer for a movie, they get longer and reveal more and more of the movie, to the point that I’ve been turned off to seeing the movie. It’s like I’ve seen ¾ of the movie just in previews.

The one that sticks out in my mind most is the trailer for Funny People. A lot of the content of the middle of the movie involves Adam Sandler dealing with cancer, and it’s eventually discovered later in the film that his cancer has gone away. The trailer for the film shows all the way up to after the point that he finds out he doesn’t have cancer. That’s at least 60% of the movie totally spoiled, when it probably would’ve packed a good emotional punch if it were a surprise that he didn’t have cancer.

The trailer for Insidious Chapter 2 was good, but I feel like I’ve seen more of that movie than I wanted to for the trailer too. Sure, I could not watch the trailer, but it would be nice to have some shorter trailers like teaser trailers or something. Teaser trailers seem to be a lost art nowadays. Just a quick bit of a scene or pieces of a couple scenes and a title, that’s it.

So am I being a total whiner about trailers or do I have a point? Let me know in the comments.

  • fearshop

    You are dead on with this one. Far too much is revealed. I tend to not watch trailers at all any longer. I pretty much know that I will watch anything horror regardless of how good or bad the trailer looks. Sometimes, a trailer can save me though because it lets me know that someone like Jennifer Aniston stars in it LOL. Honestly though, you are 100% correct.

  • James DePaolo

    I remember a long time ago when you saw a trailer and you were so stoked because it gave you just enough to build your excitement. Today, is a new day and trailers really give you so much that it takes away from most movies you would want to take a gamble if you knew less about. The Purge had 5 different trailers and the movie is only 80 minutes, and I felt that to give us 10 minutes in previews really killed the experience. You’re Next is another one that is just giving us way too much in the trailer.