Obituary Launch Fundraising Campaign For New Album

Obituary Launch Fundraising Campaign For New Album

Florida death metal veterans Obituary are going back to the studio to record a brand new album, and they need your help. You can watch the band’s Kickstarter video here and see all the perks available. The band says you can expect real, raw and honest Obituary music on the successor to “Darkest Day.” You know that I am a huge Obituary fan and have talked to John Tardy a few times for updates. He simply rocks as does the band.

The band explained why they chose to do it this way: “Listen guys, we have been creating Death Metal music since 1984 – it’s who we are… it’s in our blood. If there’s one thing that we’ve learned touring all these years, it’s that Obituary fans are among the most loyal and supportive motherf***ers in the world!

We have been trying to find better ways to engage with and give back to our fans. Over the past couple of years we have streamed concerts live from around the globe, given away tons of merchandise packages and dozens of all-access backstage passes to future shows. It’s inspiring to see and share in your excitement about Obituary, and the inspiration that provides keeps us going.

The music industry is funny, and it’s changed so much throughout our career that it’s hard to even believe sometimes. We have made the decision to partner with record labels in the past, and we know that we wouldn’t be where we are without their help… but at the end of every single day – the fans are death metal – not some label.

This is about putting our trust, our music, our career, and our new album in your hands!

We don’t want to make music for a label, we want to make music for the fans that still come out to shows, that still rock our gear, that still have a Slowly We Rot CD in your car. You… you are the reason that we are doing this. As you’re reading these stupid words right now, we are extending our hand, and we are asking for your support… so that we can make another heavy f***ing death metal album for your little angry ears.”