Music Review-Watain-The Wild Hunt


1. Night Vision
2. De Profundis
3. Black Flames March
4. All That May Bleed
5. The Child Must Die
6. They Rode On
7. Sleepless Evil
8. The Wild Hunt
9. Outlaw
10. Ignem Veni Mittere
11. Holocaust Dawn

Erik Danielsson – Vocals, bass
Håkan Jonsson – Drums
Pelle Forsberg – Guitar
Set Teitan (Davide Totaro) – guitar
Alvaro Lillo – bass

Review- Watain’s fifth record really continues to push the boundaries of their sound and what they are trying to achieve as a band. I know a lot of fans may be a bit letdown because Lawless Darkness was what I feel is the Watain masterpiece, but The Wild Hunt is still a good record nonetheless. They still are faithful to the black metal masses, but they also with this record are trying to spread themselves out a little, almost trying to fit in the mainstream while still feet first in the underground. Night Visions opens the cd in almost a classical feel of a calm to what is coming with the insane hammering of De Profundis which is classic Watain with the vocals just going over the band’s fury and power. De Profundis is that song that Watain knows the faithful will dig and get their hopes up for the rest of the record. Black Flames March the next track is Watain trying to slow down their attack, which comes across as some kind of progression that shows the band is really trying to push themselves. All That May Bleed is another example of the changes the band is making with their sound. The double kick drums and vocals seem calm and the bass almost comes to the forefront on some of the track. The riffs though are still the same heaviness and insanity you are used to. The track worth talking about the most is They Rode On, I think the black metal community has already gotten word on this 8 plus minute song, and I know people are ready to toss the band any kind of hate. Which the song can almost be seen as this decade’s Metallica-The Unforgiven. The song has an epic sound, Watain using pop vocals and completely changing their sound and style, which I did not seem to mind, but I know the die-hards may not share my thoughts. Songs like Sleepless Evil and Holocaust Dawn let you know that Watain has not forgotten its roots, and gives you more slamming and hard hitting riffs and vocals that will make you forget the changes on this cd. This was the follow up Watain needed, while it is not as good as their last outing, it is still a good record that shows a band that is at a crossroad with what it wants to do and achieve. I feel Watain really knows all the eyes of the community are on them, and that this record is a taste to see if their fan-base can accept change. I am all for it, and think this is a good record that has very little negative to it.

8 out of 10