Music Review-The Solemn Curse – Gateways to Eternity


Review-The Solemn Curse’s debut 6 song record is just straight forward if not predictable death metal. At 24 minutes, the songs really do not overstay their welcome, but at the end you sort of wish there was more music. This is a band that has a sound that seems very heavily influenced by bands like Decide, which songs like Grand Design, Visible Light and Fourth Dimension really shine and grab the listener by the ears and does not let go. I guess a negative some fans may get out of this was how predictable and polished the sound is. But, this is their first record and I feel when they get more and more comfortable with each other, they will really be more open to changing up the sound. I mean, that comment is not to take anything away from how aggressive and sick this band sounds and plays. The vocals grunt and growl with the monstrous riffs and drums, and if anything else it is catchy and keeps your attention. This is a band that seems very happy with trying to mix the past with the future of the genre, and at times the cd really shines but I just wish this cd had more time to give us more into this band. This cd is a decent enough introduction to the band, and I feel fans will get into this if they gave it a fair shake. I wish this band would give us more originality, or something that we can say is their sound. Some of these songs can be seen as a little too influenced by. I think this band has talent, and I feel that if they have some tours under their belt and get the chance to play more and more with one another that the next record we hear from them could really be something to brag about. For right now, I liked the majority of this record but I could listen to the intro to a song and it was just too predictable. But, the musicians are talented and they have a more than capable singer, this band I feel could be something special.

7.5 out of 10