Music Review-Tarja-Colours in the Dark


01. Victim Of Ritual
02. 500 Letters
03. Lucid Dreamer
04. Never Enough
05. Mystique Voyage
06. Darkness
07. Deliverance
08. Neverlight
09. Until Silence
10. Medusa (feat. Justin Furstenfeld)

Review-The latest cd from Tarja is a reminder of her past and a bright light into her future. The 3 year vacation was so much needed, because Tarja is really on fire on this cd. She satisfies all the old school Nightwish fans with that beautiful operatic delivery you will come to expect, but she also has surrounded herself with some very capable musicians like Doug Wimbish and Mike Terrana who along with Alex and Julian really deliver something that really make this record such a must listen. Songs like Victim of Ritual and Never Enough are so classic Tarja and catchy, but like on Never Enough, Tarja shows that her band is open for experimentation, the last part of that song is something that threw me off but in a good way. This is a record that is very open to new ideas and experimentation to incorporate with the familiar sound you guys are used to. Darkness is a song that just goes into so many directions and Tarja just feels so comfortable and energized to try anything the band throws at her. Songs like Mystique Voyage recalls her time in Nightwish as does Neverlight. I like the haunting feel of some of these songs, that Tarja’s voice will stick with you way after you turn the cd off. A negative, I said in 2010 on her last record that she seems to be content on living in the past and coasting, well this time she shut my mouth and she now seems content on really making this solo band stand on its own merit not her past accomplishments. This is Tarja’s best work to date, and I feel this record could open so many doors for her as far as being a bigger name in America.

8.5 out of 10