Music Review-Runes of the Evening-Runes of the Evening


Review-Runes of the Evening are for real. This is a band that has some incredible riffs that hooked me almost immediately. This guitar sound along with the blast beats and the drummer having a fuck fest with the cymbals is that sound metal heads crave. But, then this growl a fucking brutal delivery on vocals hits you like a ton of bricks that really make this band something really worth bragging about. This cd is angry, brutal and just unrelenting. This is a band that has a talented bunch of passionate and hungry musicians, who are not trying to re-invent the wheel but to crush the car. This band has traces of Amon Amarth in its Viking feel on some of the vocal delivery, but makes no mistake about it the vocals are very black metal influenced overall. Between the anger and the riffs, I think this band is going to make a lot of believers before the year is over. This is a band that really is trying to appeal to a broader audience than your average metal band, they really have so many influences, like at times the guitars almost have an Iron Maiden Killers feel to them, and at others they just rip and annihilate. This music comes across as passionate, aggressive and one could say almost epic. This is one of those too good to be true metal albums that you just know the band is going to use its whole career either trying to reduplicate it or sell out after they sell millions. At 7 songs, this band packs quite the punch and if you are a fan of death metal, I would say jump on this cd immediately. If you are a fan of Viking or Black Metal, jump on this cd. This is a band that by the time you read this review should be all over that metal map. What an impressive as all fuck record.

9 out of 10