Music Review-Lychgate-Lychgate


Review-Lychgate is a band that takes black metal and mixes it with an orchestra background to create a sound that could make a horror film soundtrack. To the band’s credit they do not go overboard trying to mix the two genres up and as the cd goes on the sound compliments itself a little bit more and more for the most part. The Inception which opens the cd is a little orchestra number that really sets this mood of unpredictability and uneasy, it is like you are watching a horror film and you get that musical number that you know the monster or killer is coming. Resentment gets this cd moving and comes right out of the gates just brutal and crushing, but then the orchestration comes in and the guitar riffs, just really makes the song stand out as a band that deserves to be heard. As the cd goes on some of the negatives do shine their heads somewhat, while the cd is very mystifying and comes across at times as epic, other times it does come across as a tad bit repetitive. Some songs come across as thrash, others come across as progressive, and even classical operatic. This is a cd that I feel metal fans will need some patience with. This is one of those cds that the more you listen to it, the more you get out of it. This could be seen as a clash of Cathedral and Savatage. The guitar on this cd is contagious and catchy without trying, but the vocals on this cd are the real winner. The vocals hit you hard when they need to and others they come across as a warning of what is ahead. I will say right now, in the world of metal this is a band that I feel is going to do big things, and this cd is a good little start. While not an entirely perfect record, it had enough to recommend this. I feel cds like this exist to change the perspective of what metal can do, and how it is categorized. I mean, I bet if you got really stoned or drunk and listened to this cd you would think it is a fucked up Disney soundtrack sung by Satan. I will be listening to this a lot more, and certain tracks on this cd are in my Ipod on repeat. I am stoked and scared for what the future holds for this band and for us the fans.

8 out of 10