Music Review-Devildriver-Winter Kills


“Winter Kills” track listing:

1. Oath Of The Abyss
2. Ruthless
3. Desperate Times
4. Winter Kills
5. The Appetite
6. Gutted
7. Curses And Epitaphs
8. Carings Overkill
9. Haunting Refrain
10. Tripping Over Tombstones
11. Sail

Line Up:

Dez Fafara – vocals

Mike Spreitzer – guitar

Jeff Kendrick – guitar

John Boecklin – drums

Review-Devildriver is back with quite frankly their best record to date. Winter Kills is a vicious and heavy as all fuck metal record. Devildriver is that rare band that seems to get better with each new record. For you fans who may have thought that the Coal Chamber shows may have soften Dez are going to be in for surprise, this time around he comes around as a man who is so pissed off and trying to show people he belongs in the same breath as a Anselmo, Hegg, Blythe, and etc. Tripping Over Tombstones as the best song Devildriver has put out to date. It starts off with a delivery that felt very Machine Head inspired, and then went into a Pantera groove. This song alone is a must hear, but I am also a fan of the opening track as well that comes across as the band trying to show people that they are not pretenders, they are the real deal. I feel in the past with this band that people associated Dez with nu metal and viewed this band as some side project. I feel with this cd the band has earned the respect of the metal community. The cover track Awolnation’s Sail is a fail though, you can tell they were trying to make some crossover song and it just fails. Dez does his metal growls and the band has the Pantera meets Fear Factory grooves. The record also sees DD using softer openings to build to the heaviness. Vocal wise this is a great showcase of what Dez has to offer, riff wise this is riff after riff. Is this a masterpiece, well for the band it is. For the fan, if you were not a fan before this will not win you over, if you were a fan before you may agree with me on the first ten tracks that this is some of the best stuff they have done to date. Where past releases like Beast and Pray for Villains had some very good tracks but started to feel redundant towards the middle to end, this release seems to have found it’s balance, that Dez does throw in a few quieter elements that makes the record seem like a calm before the storm, or the calm after the storm that really helps distinguish each track.
Winter Kills is a very fun head-banging record. If you love death metal vocals to a catchy groove, you are going to really have a fun ride with this cd. Devildriver really needs that big record break, and I feel this should be it. God, let’s hope that Coal Chamber reunion is over, and Dez is going to keep putting out music with Devildriver, I feel they are only getting started and they still have that masterpiece inside them. This is close…

8 out of 10