Movie Review-The Odd Angry Shot


Review-Synapse Films are back and this time they are bringing us a 1979 Australian hidden gem. The sound, picture and quality is superb but then again look who is releasing it, do you expect anything less? This film can almost be seen as the precursor to Platoon in ways, this film centers around a character named Bill and his journey to Vietnam. This film is shot with the sense that it wants to blur the lines of reality and fantasy, where at times you know you are watching a film but at others it feels that this feels like one of your family members telling you their story. The film introduces us to Bill’s platoon and we see things thru their point of view in the life of a tour of duty. This film goes thru the period of a year, and we get to witness things that occur that sort of tests the men and their limits. This film also shows us how uncertain and unpredictable Vietnam was and how it took young boys and made them men almost overnight. We also meet Harry a Corporal who is serving his second term in the country. And shows us what made him want to go. Harry enlisted one day and the next he is sent off to Vietnam and with a young Bill, we watch as these characters feel almost like their lives are pawns in someone else s game. This film gives us the horrors of war, and is another one of those war films we sit back and wonder how many innocent people die and still nothing seems to get solved. The visuals to this film do not feel dated, and at times are very haunting. The acting in this film, at a few times does come across as a little too much, like they are trying too hard to convey an emotion and go outside of their range and feel lost, but again not too much but at times. This film really shines on watching what the soldiers do outside of the fighting moments. This film seems more about a group that is out to survive more than trying to win a war. The storytelling aspect of the film was well done, and really keeps the viewer motivated and wanting to follow the story. The pacing and flow was really impressive and showcased a direction that was not so much about the action but wanted the film to have many layers and more about it than just a violent bloodbath and it delivered. This is a film that I feel grandfathers, dad and sons would all enjoy. There is some R rated moments, but nothing that is so bad you have not seen it before. All in all, this is a must watch.

8 out of 10