Movie Review-The Guillotines


Coming August 13th Well Go USA

Review- The Guillotines is an interesting film to watch, it looks breathtaking in its presentation, it feels epic in its approach, and it really grabs your eyes and gives you a lot to marvel in, then we get to watch the acting, and listen to the script. This is another in many historical pieces that chronicle that 16th century and again we are in China this time during the Qing Dynasty. The Guillotines is a team assembled by an Emperor named Yong. This is an elite gang of warriors who have this hand thrown mechanical decapitation weapon that somehow disappear altogether by the middle of the film. As the film goes on the Guillotines begin to become powerless and Emperor Long inches closer to the throne, and Long has this new weapon. This film has some good fighting sequences and it excels in the visual field, it is a beautiful film to just look at, but this is a film that needed a better pace and way better acting. It is like they are depending on the action to hide its shortcomings, and it does at times and others you just see the cracks and wondering why they could not make the script more of a priority. Another issue with this film is that it is way too predictability and the scenes can almost be re-enacted while watching and you will not be too far off with what will happen. This film just seems so dependent on the action to carry the viewer thru, but when there is no action going on, it just seems lost as to what to do next. We have seen so many films like this, and while I did like the little hand-held decapitation machines, I am pissed that they were not more plentiful in the film. All in all, this is maybe worth a rental for the style and visuals, but you should hit the mute when the acting starts. This is like looking at a beautiful woman and then she comes up to you smelling rank.

4.5 out of 10